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    The Follicles Effect on Hair Type

    The hair type that we use in a system affects not only the look but also the health of a hair system.To understand the variations in hair types, we first must understand the hair follicle and the role it plays in creating hair. A hair follicle is a tiny pocket or tunnel-like passage that extends from the epidermis, the surface of your skin, to the dermis, the inside part of your skin that contains capillaries, nerve endings, and other structures integral to human life. At the deepest level of the follicle, the capillaries feed nutrients to the bulb, which is basically the very bottom part of a hair and the only part of a hair that has living hair cells. The bulb produces the cells of the shaft which is the part of the hair that we see. Closer to the surface of the skin is the sebaceous gland which secrete an oil called sebum. Sebum conditions the hair, making it stronger.



    An important thing to note about sebum is that because the hair of your hair system is not attached to hair follicles, no sebum is produced, so you must care for the hair more carefully than you would regular hair. As hair is formed, the shape and size of the follicle plays a major role in hair`s most notable characteristics. The thickness of an individual strand of hair is determined by the diameter of the follicle; large follicles produce thick hairs, small follicles produce thin hairs. The shape of the hair shaft is what determines the texture of our hair, and the shape of the follicle determines the shape of the shaft. A perfectly circular follicle produces perfectly straight hair, an oval hole creates curlier hair, and holes that are almost flat in shape produce very tightly coiled hair typical of people of african descent.



    So what can we learn from all this? We can see that European hair comes from similar sized and shaped follicles as Indian hair, which provides us with a good framework for choosing the type of hair to be used in a hair system. We can also see that Chinese hair comes from follicles with far larger follicle diameters, making the hair strong but coarse.  It's also important to realize that the shape and size of the follicle affects the way you care for your hair. When the follicle is more oval, thus causing more coils, hair is more likely to break both because it is under more stress and because it is harder for sebum to spread to the tips. Whether you want curly hair or straight hair, European hair or Chinese hair, long hair or short hair, Lordhair has it all. Check out our full selection of hair systems at https://www.lordhair.com/hair-systems.html