Single Silk Top and Double Silk Top


With an advanced hair ventilation method, our silk top design is loved by many people. Generally, silk top designs can be divided into two types: single silk top and double silk top.


Single silk top


Single silk top is usually used for long hair. After the hair is knotted to the lace material, the long hair is injected into a layer of silk mono. Silk mono imitates human scalp. So from the other side of the silk mono, the hair looks like it is growing out of the real scalp. Meanwhile, the very short return hair is kept under the silk top, so there is no short hair on the silk top. Without any short hair, the hair looks great and is easy to style.




Double silk top


Double silk top is often used for short hair. If a men’s hair system needs a silk top, it is usually made with a double silk top. After the hair is knotted to lace material, both the longer hair and the return hair are injected into a layer of silk. No hair is left under the silk top, just the knots. The hair also looks like it is growing out of the scalp.



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