Single Knots and Double Knots


Most of you must have heard about single knots and double knots, but do you know the difference between single knots and double knots? Some of you may not so we are going to discuss it here.

Advantage of Single Knots

Single knots are common because they're hard to spot. The strands of hair are knotted and tied into the hair system usually around the hairline. Single knots are invisible and give a more natural appearance. With single knots, the hair can be very flat.

Disadvantage of Single Knots

Single knots look natural, but more easily loosen than double knots. As a result, single knot hair systems are less durable than double knot hair systems. Therefore they are more prone to shedding. Single knots are simply more fragile than double knots.

Advantage of Double Knots

Double knots are a bit more durable than single knots. They work well with heavy hair density. In double knot hair systems, two or three strands of hair are attached to the double knots. They are much more durable and there's less shedding in comparison to single knot hair system.

Disadvantage of Double Knots

Double knots are less natural looking as they're larger and more visible. If your hair system is knotted with double knots, just try to keep people from looking at it too closely. 



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