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    Romancing with Hair

    There is a clear-cut relationship between hair and attractiveness. There is even an argument that humans have evolved to be attracted to long and luscious hair as it is a sign of health and youthfulness, indicating a preferable mate through which to pursue the continuation of the species. But evolutionary imperatives aside, the signals that clean, fashionable, cared for hair give off can be just as important as any other physical aspect. Not only can it be a sign of wealth and status, but it is also often the first thing that you notice in a person, especially when viewed at a distance. Styled and well-cropped hair might be a sign of orderliness and of being conscious of presenting a conformist image, curly hair is associated with youth and virility and perhaps wildness and long, straight, well-nourished hair indicate someone who takes time over their appearance. More modern colours and crops also suggest affiliation with a certain cultural outlook or of having a certain independent, non-conformist steak. Whatever style a person sports, it speaks volumes...as the shampoo manufacturers might say!


    Throughout history, long hair has been a common theme for both men and women and whilst in more recent times, for men, it has been more associated with certain types of music or a free-wheeling attitude towards lifestyle, it is certainly being embraced once more in today's, hip and happening young, with many even adopting the iconic man-bun. At the other end of the spectrum, various variations on the crew-cut are popular, offering a certain sharpness combined with low maintenance and those suffering from early baldness have no qualms about buzz cutting their hair down to a bare minimum rather than try to adopt complex combovers or hats to hide the problem. There was a time when such a severe look was associated with a certain, tough image, indicting perhaps a military background or belonging to certain fringe (pardon the pun) sub-cultures. But today it is a popular look and comes without such assumptions.


    Long hair, particularly the retro-bangs look is popular with women again, the idea of framing the face with long sides and a cropped fringe, a look favoured in the '70s are back in fashion. Also, long bobs and layers are making a comeback but so too is the cute pixie cut. But no matter the style and no matter the general, on a personal level it is all about how that cut makes you feel.


    Changing your look...be it clothes, makeup, or hair...is a chance to slightly reinvent yourself and having a haircut that you feel suits you can add confidence and put a spring in your step. It is perhaps why we are constantly fiddling with our hair, yes, even the men and psychologists will tell you that there is a whole subtle ad sublime messaging system associated with such an action. We understand its power and want to make sure that it sends out the right signals, and both men and women in the modern age find it hard to pass a mirror without at least checking out how they look. And why not? Whether you are a man with flowing locks or a woman with a pixie bob, a boy with a quiff or a girl with hair piled up into a messy bun, your hair is a powerful weapon. It sends signals and speaks volumes even when you are not thinking about it. It is alluring and often says a lot more about you than you might think about your lifestyle and personal attitudes perhaps even your outlook on life and even the contents of your record collection.


    Look after your hair, it works hard for you...much harder than you may realize.