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    Embracing Change and a New Style for 2024 | My Hair System Diary



    As the New Year rolled around, I decided it was the perfect time to make a slight change to my non surgical hair replacement system. Opting for a larger system, I hoped it would enhance my style while effectively masking the fact that I was wearing a hair system altogether. Little did I know that this change would not only make me feel self-conscious but also lead me to question whether it was the cut or the style that caused the unease. Join me as I recount my experience with my new hair system and how a simple change in hairstylists made all the difference.

    Hair System or Hairstyle?

    Upon trying out my new, larger hair system, I received a few compliments on my new hairstyle. However, something just didn't feel right. I couldn't shake off the feeling of being self-conscious, trying to analyse what could be the cause of my unease. It became clear that it wasn't the hair system itself that was at fault, but rather the haircut that had been chosen.


    Finding the Right Hairstylist

    Seeking a solution to my hairstyle woes, I decided to visit my previous hairstylist, who had always delivered exceptional cuts. Recognising that I wanted to maintain the larger hair system, my stylist discovered that the issue lay not in the hair system but in the length of the hair. With a shorter cut, the new style considerably improved, restoring my confidence and making me realise that choosing the right hairstylist is essential, especially when working with hair systems.

    Throughout this experience, I discovered that I enjoy embracing change. However, I had been reluctant to change my hairstylist in the past, fearing potential disruptions to my routine. Yet, this journey taught me the importance of exploring new styles and seeking out experts who have a keen eye for creating cuts that can enhance my appearance and accommodate my hair system.



    Enhanced Longevity with a Larger Hair System

    Transitioning to a larger hair system also brought several unexpected benefits. One of the most noteworthy advantages was the increased longevity of the system itself. Unlike before, where I had to replace my system every two weeks, the larger system allowed me to comfortably wear it for up to three and a half weeks without needing a replacement. This not only saved me time but also reduced the cost of frequent adhesive replacements.


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    Another valuable lesson I learned during this journey was the importance of sleeping with a hair net. Before implementing this practice, I experienced issues with my hair system (also known as men’s human hair wigs, toupee, hair units, and men’s hairpieces)
    , particularly in the temple area. The hair strands would often get tangled and clogged, resulting in less effective camouflage. However, once I started sleeping with a hair net, the system remained intact, and the coverage in problem areas significantly improved.


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    In the process of exploring a larger hair system, I had to adapt to a lower hairline on my forehead. Although this change took some getting used to, my friends and acquaintances gradually adjusted, accepting the new look as part of my evolving style. It's amazing how a slight shift in the hairline can transform the overall appearance of a person.

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    The Power of a Hairstyle

    Reflecting on my experience, I am reminded of the immense influence a hairstyle holds over an individual's appearance. It has the ability to not only enhance one's features but also boost self-confidence. By finding the right style that complements the face shape and works harmoniously with a hair replacement system, one can achieve a transformative effect that feels both natural and authentic.



    What My New Hair System Taught Me

    My journey with a hair replacement system and my subsequent experimentation with a larger system have provided valuable insights into the world of hair styling. I learned the importance of choosing a skilled and versatile hairstylist, as they can truly make or break a new look. Additionally, implementing small practices, such as sleeping with a hair net, can greatly preserve the longevity and quality of the hair system. Ultimately, I realised that embracing change and being open to new styles allows for personal growth, boosting confidence and transforming one's appearance in unexpected ways.

    Hairs to a new look and a new year! Remember, you too can take back control with a toupee from Lordhair. 



    Ray is a guest contributor to our blogs with an extensive background in PR. Ray loves to discuss his own hair system journey by offering insights into wearing and styling a toupee wig as well as providing observations on the role of hair in sexual and gender identity from an LGBTQ+ perspective. Be sure to check out more of Ray’s Diversity content