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    Recommended Durable and Breathable Designs

    As a hair replacement system manufacturer, we receive lots of orders everyday with different requirements.

    Some clients want the thinnest skin/lace base for a natural look but care less about durability; some clients request a more durable base which can last over one year, the most natural appearance is not their top concern.

    However most customers generally look for a natural front, a 6-12 months’ lifespan (a longer time if they are well taken care of), a breathable design and an easy to clean base. Here are some great models that meet these requirements.

    1. JQ1270: Fine mono in center with poly all around perimeter, French lace on front


    Comments: Fine mono is one of the most durable base materials. Adding French lace on the  front creates a natural hairline. Knots on the lace are bleached making them basically invisible.

           2. JQ1223: French lace base with poly coating on sides and back

    Comments: Poly bonding on the front is replaced by two overlapping layers of lace with stitched lines. It improves the breathability on the front and decreases the risk of hair loss.

         3. YJ334: Double Layer Full lace base design


    Comments: It is French lace base on top with one more layer of fine welded mono underneath, except for the front area.  The front lace is a single layer of French lace to create the most natural look. Hair is knotted to the French lace layer. Some customers like delicate French lace base but worry  about its durability, this design is recommended for them. What’s more, The underlayered mono lace decreases hair loss resulting from removing tape or adhesive as well.


    More popular designs can be found on our website www.lordhair.com

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to email:support@lordhair.com