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    PRP Hair Treatment: Everything You Need to Know

    PRP Hair treatment


    The use of PRP injections has increased over the past decade. They are popular among men and women for the treatment of a variety of conditions like tissue regeneration, wound healing, scar revision, and rejuvenating skin effects. But do you know that PRP micro-needling treatment is famous for hair loss recovery as well?

    While there is no shortage of content promoting PRP hair loss treatment, many questions related to its efficacy and safety still remain unanswered. Here are some of those:


    • How does PRP treatment for hair loss recovery work?
    • What are the risks and side effects of PRP hair loss therapy?
    • How much does PRP for hair loss cost?

    In this blog, Lordhair - a leading global supplier of hair toupees - will answer all major questions regarding PRP treatment for hair loss. Before we start demystifying the use of PRP injections and microneedling therapy for hair recovery, let us understand its concept first!


    What Is PRP?

    We bet some of our readers might have heard about the skin treatment called vampire facial. It is a treatment where specialists use a patient's own blood in anticipation of a glowing, youthful complexion. PRP works just like that! Better known as platelet-rich plasma, it is a treatment where doctors extract concentrated platelets and inject them into the damaged areas of the scalp to restore hair growth levels.

    When injected deep into the scalp, platelets reach the bottom of hair follicles where they stimulate a specialized population of cells called dermal papilla cells. For those who don’t know, these cells play a critical role in hair growth in men and women.



    How Exactly Does PRP Treatment Work?

    We believe that it is necessary for men and women to understand how exactly the whole hair loss recovery treatment is planned, scheduled, and executed. But in order to understand how PRP microneedling treatment works, you need to understand the role platelets play in hair recovery.

    Platelets are tiny, disc-shaped pieces of cells that are found in blood, along with RBCs (red blood cells), WBCs (white blood cells), and plasma. Also called first responders, they become active when an individual gets an injury and help the blood clot to stop bleeding and promote healing.

    Some medical experts believe that injecting platelets into the balding areas of the scalp can trigger hair growth and accelerate hair loss recovery. PRP hair loss treatment is based on the same research.

    Just like most medical hair recovery procedures, PRP microneedling treatment is complex. This hair therapy is basically divided into three steps:


    • The doctor takes a blood sample to produce PRP by putting it into the centrifuge
    • The machine splits up blood fluids into different densities - platelet-poor plasma, platelet-rich plasma, and red blood cells
    • The doctor extracts platelet-rich plasma into the syringe and injects it into areas of the scalp that lack hair strands


    Just like PRP treatment, dermarolling for hair loss recovery is also becoming popular


    Is PRP Hair Loss Microneedling Treatment Effective?

    There isn’t enough research to prove that PRP treatment is 100% effective for hair loss recovery. In fact, some scientists are also not certain for whom and under what conditions it is most effective.

    According to a systematic review of research on PRP hair loss treatment in 2019, it was found that among 262 people, platelet-rich injections did help individuals in reducing hair fall but only in those suffering from androgenetic alopecia. In the final report, the researchers mentioned that PRP therapy boosted diameter (on scalp area where strands weren’t growing at all) and overall thickness of hair strands.

    Another study from the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) concluded that among 460 participants suffering from different hair loss conditions, PRP microneedling treatment only helped men and women dealing with androgenetic alopecia and alopecia areata.

    As we said earlier, it is difficult to say that PRP hair therapy will do wonders for everyone and all kinds of hair loss conditions.


    What Are the Risks of Undergoing PRP Treatment for Hair Loss Recovery?

    Most medical treatments that involve the use of syringes or needles have their share of side effects. Here are some side effects that are related to PRP treatment:


    • Injury to blood vessels or nerves
    • Calcification at the injection site
    • Scalp tenderness
    • Scar tissue
    • Scalp infections
    • Headache
    • Inflammation
    • Tingling
    • Itching

    Men and women who underwent PRP hair loss recovery treatment and are facing these side effects should immediately see a dermatologist!

    PRP microneedling


    What Is the Cost of PRP Injection Treatment?

    Truth be told, PRP injections and microneedling treatment is painful, both for the scalp as well as the wallet. That said, it is hard to tell exactly how much PRP therapy costs. Normally, it comprises three treatments in 4-6 week periods, with maintenance sessions taking place after every 4-6 months.

    These numbers can even go up, considering the hair loss situation. And that’s not it! The following factors also contribute to determining the overall cost of PRP injection treatment for hair loss recovery:


    • Geographic location
    • Equipment quality
    • Addition of nutritive components


    Undergoing PRP treatment for hair loss usually costs between US$1500 and US$3500 for the first three treatments. One PRP injection can cost around US$450 or more.

    Browse our complete collection of hair systems and hairpieces for men


    What Is the Best PRP Hair Treatment Alternative?

    There is no dearth of treatments and medications that can help men and women deal with hair loss in 2022. If your hair loss is aggressive, then, the best PRP injection and microneedling alternative is wearing a hair replacement system.

    Also known as a modern-day wig, a hair system is constructed using real human hair hand-woven onto a base made of premium skin-friendly materials.

    Unlike PRP hair recovery treatment, it is a non-surgical solution to hair fall and thinning that carries no side effects. Attached using clips, tape, and glue, a hair replacement system blends easily with the real scalp hair and delivers a hyper-realistic look.

    That’s not it! Here are more benefits of wearing a hair system for men and women:


    • Instant change in overall look. There is no waiting time for this hair recovery option.
    • Affordable and practical hair recovery solution. By spending less than US$1000 a year, people can enjoy a head full of hair.
    • Semi-permanent with regard to attachment. You don't have to take them off every day - they stay on whilst you sleep and shower
    • Comfortable, breathable, and durable
    • Can be styled easily using styling tools like a hair dryer, straightener, and curling iron


    Check out this transformation to witness how a hair system helps overcome hair loss and boosts confidence:


    PRP Hair Recovery Treatment Detangled!

    There you have it! Everything about PRP hair treatment is right in front of your eyes. It's not like PRP for hair loss is a bad option for all. Of course, this treatment can help some people reverse hair thinning but for others, poking a syringe into the scalp can be an unpleasant experience.

    For men and women who think PRP injection treatment is not for them, we recommend opting for a non-surgical solution like a hair system. Just make certain to purchase it from a well-known supplier like Lordhair. That way, you will get a promise of a premium hair recovery product that arrives at your doorstep in around 7 days and comes with a money-back warranty.

    Got any questions to ask? Send them to support@lordhair.com and have them answered by our hair experts.




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