Professional Manufacturing Procedures for Toupee Hair Pieces


Toupee hair pieces are our specialty at Lordhair.  Toupee hair pieces are more difficult to make compared to full cap wigs, because toupee hair pieces need to match exactly to a customer's own head shape, base size, hair color, hair texture, wave curl and hair density.  Toupee hair pieces need much more detailed work to be done to ensure the hair piece a perfect match. A custom toupee hair piece order is one of our most popular.

What you should do first.
1. Make a template from your head. The template needs to be exactly same as the head size and shape. Or  you can measure the length and width of the bald area, if you think normal contour and shape is ok.
2. Take a hair sample, from your own head or your old toupee hair piece. Or note a color code if you like one of our colors.
3. Decide on the hair length, wave curl size, hair density and grey percentage.
4. Send the order form with your template and hair sample together.

Do you feel this is a bit much for you? Don't worry. You can just send in an sample toupee piece (your old piece will be ok), which fits you well. Just tell us that you want it duplicated. 

What we do after receiving your custom toupee hair order
1. Make a plaster mold according to the template you sent us, or as per the detailed dimensions you gave.
2. Make base on the plaster mold and make sure the base fit the mold exactly.
3. Choose the correct textured hair and match hair color to the hair sample or the color code you gave. How do we process hair and match hair color? It's a long story. Acid treatment comes first to remove the cuticle from the hair to make it smooth and remove tangles. We bleach the hair into different base colors, then dye into the colors needs. The coloring process is not simple. In fact, most of our own hair has several different tones, we need to use different colored hair to blend them into the requested hair color which will match your hair color exactly.
4. Perm hair with correct wave curl.
5. If grey hair is requested, then we will perm grey hair separately, as grey hair should be permed at different temperatures. And then blend grey hair with the dark hair evenly.
6. Now the base and hair is sent to to the ventilator. The ventilator will vent the hair on the base as per the requested hair density. This process is strand by strand. It normally takes 2-3 weeks to finish ventilation of a toupee hair piece.
7. After ventilation is finished, we brush poly layers on the PU areas, so that the PU skin will be smooth. We need to brush on one layer and then put it into the oven to dry. After the poly drys, we brush one more layer, making for a smooth finish 
8. Wash toupee hair piece, condition the hair and dry it naturally.
9. Style and pack. 
 These 9 steps are only the most basic because there are so many different base models and different knotting types. Each model has different details. That's why you need to have your custom toupee order made by a highly skilled manufacturer. Lord Hair pays attention to details, which is why have gained the trust of our customers who continue to buy from us.

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