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    Does Rubbing Your Nails Together Help Hair Growth: Science Talk With Lordhair

    Scouring the internet for ways to combat hair loss and thinning is something most of us have done at some point in our lives. And many have discovered the practice of rubbing the fingernails together to kickstart hair growth. While yogis and grandmothers swear by this hair gain practice, it also raises a lot of questions:

    • Does rubbing your nails together help hair growth?
    • Is it an Ayurvedic concept or is there some scientific truth to it?
    • What’s the science behind nail rubbing and hair growth?

    Lordhair - a global supplier of men’s hairpieces - has decided to unveil the truth behind this organic hair recovery solution. In this blog, we will dive deep into everything about nail rubbing for hair loss and discover whether nail rubbing really helps with the regrowth of hair.
    Let’s get started! But before that let’s understand what exactly nail rubbing is!

    does rubbing your nails together help hair growth
    What is Nail Rubbing?

    Known as Balayam in Hindi language and rooted in Ayurveda, nail rubbing is an ancient way to boost hair growth naturally. To be precise, Balyam is a yoga practice that is recommended for hair growth, and reducing hair greying.

    Balayam is split and translated as “hair exercise”. “Bal” stands for “hair” while the word ‘vyayama’ translates to ‘exercise’. In recent years, it has emerged as a good yogic practice to combat hair loss. Wondering how it works?

    Well, it is said that performing nail rubbing stimulates acupressure points associated with hair growth. This results in better blood flow to the scalp which helps with hair growth and health. While the scientific evidence supporting nail rubbing for hair growth is limited, some people find it relaxing and helpful with scalp health.

    Nail rubbing not only promotes hair growth but also focuses on stimulation of hair follicles. Adopt nail rubbing to your daily hair care routine and overall wellness regimen to get max benefits (if there are any tbh).

    The Science Behind Nail Rubbing

    Practitioners of Balayam massively believe in hair growth, reversal of gray hairs, and improved hair health. A great massage is key to better blood flow with the chances of more hair growth. Guess what? Nail rubbing does the same thing effortlessly and efficiently. Though we believe in logic and science but in this aspect there are no great scientific research studies have been conducted to better understand Balayam.

    But let us tell you that there is a strong connection between nail rubbing and hair follicles. When you rub your nails together, the nerve endings of the nails get activated through rubbing, and this practice has a positive impact on hair follicles.
    Supporters of this practice give the idea of rubbing nails regularly. It can improve blood circulation to the scalp, delivering essential nutrients and oxygen to the hair roots. This will support more healthier and potentially faster hair growth.

    Yes, nail rubbing is indeed beyond only its yoga capabilities. To understand nail rubbing it is crucial to consider the nervous system which is divided into the central and peripheral systems. The system that controls our body's movements includes a nerve called the median nerve that's connected to our nail area. On the other hand, the scalp has a nerve called the supratrochlear nerve, and both of these nerves are part of the peripheral nervous system (PNS). Even though they're not directly connected, there could be a possible link between stimulating your fingernails and helping hair growth. It's like there might be a connection between these two things!

    Limited Research on Nails Rubbing

    Though the concept of nail rubbing for hair is quite interesting, but this approach also holds some degree of doubtfulness. As said above that there are no specific research has been done to explore more of nail rubbing ( Balayam).
    But there is no doubt in accepting that hair growth is a complex process which is influenced by various factors such as genetics, diet, overall health, and hair care routines.

    However, you can incorporate nail rubbing into your self-care routine may have some benefits beyond just hair growth. Regular practice of nail rubbing can be relaxing and may help reduce stress, which will automatically have a positive impact on hair health. Morever , regualr good massage to the scalp through including nail rubbing, can improve blood circulation, potentially benefiting overall scalp health.

    Guyz, do not depend on nail rubbing to overcome hair loss. Remember to maintain a balanced diet rich in essential nutrients, keep applying good hair care habits, stay hydrated, and prioritize overall well-being. If that’ not enough for you,
    consulting a healthcare professional or a dermatologist is always a wise decision to receive personalized guidance.


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    Rubbing Nails Can’t Fix Massive Hair Loss

    If your hair loss is uncontrollable, there is very little that rubbing nails can do for you. Aggressive hair loss and thinning usually don’t give results by home remedies and self-help treatments.

    In case you are on a struggle of advanced hair loss, and are looking for an affordable yet safe hair recovery option, we recommend considering non-surgical hair replacement solutions.

    Modern hair replacement units - also known as toupees, male hairpieces, hair systems, and toppers - are made from human hair(which are safe), and come in various colors, lengths, and styles to suit your preferences.

    These non-surgical hair replacement units are attached to the scalp using skin friendly glue or tape, and are customized to cover up the region where hair loss is most prominent.

    In case you wish to recover using medications or surgery, it's essential to consult with a healthcare professional or a specialist in hair loss to understand the underlying cause of your hair loss, and explore the most suitable treatment options.

    does rubbing your nails together help hair growth

    Nail Rubbing For Hair Growth: Endnote

    Rubbing your nails together sounds like a magical solution for hair growth but sadly, research around it is limited. If you are facing hair loss due to stress, taking a few minutes out of your day to practice Balayam can soothe the mind. Healthy hair growth is a result of a combination of factors, so take a comprehensive approach to caring for your hair and overall health.

    Be it medication or hair replacement systems, make sure you pick the option that best fits your hair loss recovery goals.

    Got any queries to ask? Feel free to contact us. Our hair experts will be more than happy to assist you! In case you are considering hair recovery through hairpieces, we recommend checking out these products: 

    Lace hair systems

    Swiss lace hair systems

    Skin hair systems