I received a complaint letter from one customer, he said the hair on his system was shedding a lot, and every time he washed or combed it, hair fell off the hairpiece.

His hairpiece is a thin skin lift injected system, which had been worn for less than one month.


The lift injection technique is a new development in this range. To make sure hair stands well, the root injected through the skin base must be cut very short to create a high-angle. In this case, the hair root injected through the skin base is too short to stay very strong.

 lift injected base crown

lift injected base part

According to our experience and feedback from customers, this model can last atleast 3 months  although it is not as durable as a flat injected hairpiece.

This kind if system requires specific care.

  1. When washing, make sure water temperature is not too high. High temperature water will speed up hair loss.

  2. Do not comb or pull the hair while washing, make sure you brush the hair straight before washing.

  3. Comb hair when it is completely dry.


If you have any further questions, please feel free to email: email to support@lordhair.com.