In the past few days, some new clients have asked what the ideal wear time for a toupee is.

Regarding how often to remove it, it depends on your preference and few other factors.

1. Some clients don't like sleeping with toupees, they remove it in the evening and apply it again in the next morning before going out. If removing it everyday, you don't need remove the tape and shampoo it every time. Just leave the tape on it and put it on next morning.

2. If you are sweaty or do lots of sport, we suggest you remove and clean it often.

3. If your skin is oily, you’d better remove and shampoo it often in order to prolong it's lifespan.

4. Skin systems can be worn for a long time, because liquid adhesive can be directly applied. Liquid adhesive is strong and allows more than one months wear before removal is required. s1 stock detail

5. With lace systems, it is not good to apply liquid adhesive to the base directly, it is best to apply tape to the base first. Usually, tape does noy last as long as liquid adhesive does. When you feel the toupee does not attach as tightly as before, it's time to remove the toupee.

s1 stock detail


You can decide how often you remove your toupee using these tips.

By the way, there are different types of tape for different wear times. Some types are for daily wear, some for 3-7 days’ wear and some for a half month or more. No matter what your wearing preference there will be something for you.

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