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    How Can You Tell If Someone Is Wearing a Hair System?

    You wouldn’t be alone if your initial concern with deciding to wear a hair system is whether someone will notice it. In fact, you may be somewhat apprehensive when you first wear a hair system out in public. Trust us – you don’t need to be. In this short blog, we will list six of the most obvious ways in which you can tell if someone is wearing a hair system. We will then outline what you need to do to make sure no one ever notices that you are wearing a hair system.


    Of course, you will first need to choose a top-quality, undetectable hair system from Lordhair but then bear the following in mind:


    Hair color

    It should go without saying but make sure you choose a hair color that matches your own! Be aware that choosing a hair color from photos or videos isn’t the best option but it can work especially if you have a very common hair color. If you can send in a hair sample we can match it to the most appropriate stock hair colors. Or, if you are after a customized hair system then we will color the hair based on your hair sample.


    Don’t forget about gray hair. Many of our stock hair systems are available with blends of gray hair. Color #1B40, for example, means 1B (off black) with 40% gray hair. So, if there is gray in your beard or around your temples then you may want to think about a hair system with some gray in it. No gray in your hair system could look suspicious.


     Grey hair in hair systems

    Popular stock hair systems like UTS come in gray hair options like color #1B40 you see here



    Hair density

    Selecting the right hair density is crucial in creating a flawless, undetectable appearance for yourself. A hair density that does not match your own on the back and sides or a density that is not age-appropriate can be one of the biggest giveaways that you’re wearing a hair system. It’s important not to get too ‘greedy’ when it comes to your hair system. The chance to have hair again can encourage men to choose a density that is too heavy or thick to pass as their own hair. Generally speaking, the younger you are, the denser your hair will be.


    So, you first need to work out your hair density level. If you’re unsure of your density then - as is the case for hair color - we recommend you send a hair sample to us and we can make the best match for you. Most customers opt for the convenience of a stock hair system but know that nearly all of our stock models have either a medium or a medium-light density. Once you know your density then choose a hair system because our stock hair systems are only available in one density – it just depends on the model as to which density it has.


    See the different density levels we offer


    Blend of the hair system

    A bad haircut can arouse unwanted suspicion. When we talk about blend or blending we’re not just talking about how the hair color and density blend in with the wearer’s own hair or ‘bio hair’ but also where the hair around the perimeter of the hair system meets the wearer’s own hair on the back and sides. There shouldn’t be a ‘line’ as the transition from hair system hair to bio hair should be smooth and natural. This is often down to the skill and experience of the hairdresser so make sure you find someone who is comfortable working with hair systems. Think about your hairstyle too – maybe a high fade isn’t the best idea especially with a thicker, less detectable hair system base, for example.


    Positioning of the front hairline

    You can’t just position your hair system anywhere on your head. Position it too low or too high and it will just look off. It should be positioned exactly where your own natural hairline starts. You will still be able to see where this is even after you’ve shaved your head (in preparation to wear your hair system). When it comes to positioning your hair system then we recommend using an eyebrow pencil to mark out where you need to position your hair system. You can do one central dot or even mark out the whole hairline. Just don’t forget to wipe the marks off after you’ve attached your hair system!


    To find your hairline take four fingers and place the bottom finger at the bottom of your eyebrows. Your hairline will begin at the top of the top finger.


    Front hairline appearance

    The appearance of the front hairline is usually what people care about most. It is also usually the first thing people see so it is important that it looks as realistic as possible especially if you are going to have a style that exposes your hairline. That’s why a front hairline with bleached knots can be essential.


    However, there is more to the front hairline than just the hairstyle that you can get away with. We make our hair systems with a graduated front hairline to avoid an unnatural wall-like appearance of hair that looks unnatural on most people. We also make our hair systems with different-shaped front contours. Our default shape is CC but depending on your age and how much you are trying to replicate your natural hairline then you may find a CC shape unrealistic for you. If you are of an older age then having a CC or C front contour could be another giveaway that you are wearing a hair system since the front hairline of older men will typically show significant signs of recession. On the whole, it’s only younger men who can pull off straighter hairlines. Also, bear in mind if you already have temple recession then a straighter front contour can make people think something isn’t right.


     Front contour shapes for hairsystems

    The front contour shapes we use at Lordhair.

    Our stock models generally have a CC shape.



    Front lift

    Finally, people often wonder if their hair system will fall off. Now, as you get experienced with hair systems you will see that it’s pretty much impossible for this to happen! Impossible, in fact, such is the strength of hair system tape and glue.


    What you will have to be careful of is ‘lift’ along the front hairline. Lift is when a small part of the front hairline – perhaps only a few millimeters in area – detaches itself from the scalp and is no longer stuck down. Your hair may be obscuring the lifted section and someone would have to be up close to see but any lift has the potential to be noticed and to reveal your hair system to others.


    This is why it can be important to do ‘touch-ups’ or reattach the front of a hair system. It will depend on you and your lifestyle but if you exercise/sweat a lot then that can affect the bond and you will want to regularly reapply the front section so that the hold of the glue or tape is always at its maximum.


    If you ever do notice some lift then that could be a sign that you need to think about some other tape or glue that better suits your body chemistry or lifestyle.



    As you can see there are some important things you need to pay attention to when choosing your hair system. A top-quality hair system is, of course, key but the onus is also on you to choose the right features and to wear it the right way. However, our team at support@lordhair.com will be happy to assist you if you have any doubts about how to make sure you have a hair system that no one will notice. In the meantime, we suggest you browse our selection of our men’s stock hair systems and also familiarise yourself with our YouTube channel where we have lots of tutorials and how-to’s as well as personal insights from Lordhair hair system wearers.