How to Maintain Your Hair Color


When we make your real hair replacement system, we usually dye it to achieve the perfect color for you. Just like when you dye your own hair, special care is required to maintain the color over time. Here are the best ways to ensure the color of your hair system lasts as long as possible.


Color oxidation:


Oxidation causes dyed hair to fade to a lighter color over time. Color oxidation is caused by a number of factors including expose to sunlight, the use of some hair productions and other stresses hair is put through. While it is impossible to stop oxidation over time, there are some simple ways to ensure that you maintain the color you love for a longer period of time.


Five useful tips to maintain color:


1. Make sure you use the right products to wash and condition your hair system because they slow down oxidation. The correct products are for color protection and should be free of sulfates, those with Argan oil are great.


2. Don’t use clarifying shampoos or conditioners because they actually strip away color.


3. Exposure to the sun can speed up color loss. You can’t stay out of the sun or wear a hat all the time but you can use products with UV protection. It’s just like using sunscreen for your skin.


4. Rinse your hair with cool water rather than hot water because it seals the hair, reducing the oxidation process.


5. Always Condition. Maybe you notice that the ends of your hair usually fade first. Try shampooing only the root area and conditioning the ends. This can help prevent oxidation and color loss.


We hope these tips have been helpful!



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