How to Choose a Base Type? Skin or Lace?


If you are not quite sure about choosing  between a skin and lace base?  We've got some information here that should help you make an informed decision.

You probably already know the features of lace material including how breathable it is, the good ventilation, the softness and the comfort.  Skin bases are easily cleaned, easily attached and removed.  But how do you choose? Which one is more suitable for you?  It depends on your skin type, your lifestyle and the climate you live in.  If you have oily skin or sweat a lot, then lace material is a good choice for you.  Lace material is breathable and well ventilated, it lets your skin breath well, reducing your skin's oil production. If you like exercising, then lace material is suitable for you too. Similarly, a hot climate means a lace base is a good choice

Skin material is a good choice as it can be more strongly bonded to your head and glue residue is removed more easily.  If you swim, the skin material is a very good choice.  It will stick to your head even in water.

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