Our biggest holiday of the year is upon us! Hello 2021 and the Year of the Ox!

Chinese New Year or Spring Festival is the biggest festival of the year in China and in many ways, the holiday is what Christmas is to Western countries. Today, February 12th sees us welcome in the new lunar year and 2021 sees us welcome in the Year of the Ox. The ox has traditionally denoted hard work and positivity. This is largely due to its prominent role in agriculture over the centuries.

 Did you know?

The ox was leading the mythical animal race the Jade Emperor had arranged but the rat – who had ridden on the back of the ox across the river - jumped off just before the finish line and pipped the ox to first place. That’s why the rat, and not the ox, occupies the first position in the Chinese Zodiac.

Were you born in the Year of the Ox? You more than likely were if you were born in 1997, 1985, 1973, 1961, 1949 …. do we have any customers older than this? People who have the ox as their zodiac sign are said to be hard-working, reliable, patient and stubborn. They also may not have the strongest communication skills.

Chinese New Year for Lordhair


COVID-19 has had an impact on people’s travel plans in China but many of us will still be able to spend the holiday with our families and loved ones. Like Christmas, this is a time of the year for gatherings and reunions.


But before we headed home we had our annual company party where we looked back on the year and looked ahead to the upcoming one. Awards were handed out before some of our team took to the stage to sing and dance. Of course, there was a plentiful supply of delicious food as is always the case with a formal dinner in China.

annual party

We are now on holiday and out of the office but you are still welcome to contact us as you would normally would via email at support@lordhair.com. Please just allow us longer than normal to reply. We also still invite you to place your orders through our website but bear in mind that no shipping will take place until February 18th. This is standard across the country as the international couriers we work with do not work over Spring Festival. Thank you for your understanding.

In the meantime, Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

Ox year