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    Hair Systems, Hair Colors and Hair Idioms


    Surprise, surprise, when you’re browsing our website, you’re going to see the word hair an awful lot of times. Not just on its own, of course, as you’ll see it in the word hair systems. Hair colors and hair density are a couple more examples. What about when you’re not weighing up the respective merits of a skin hair system or a full French lace base though? There are plenty of other contexts in which you might use the word hair. How many hair expressions or idioms can you think of though? Five? More than five?

    Below are a select few hair idioms that are very much part of everyday usage and actually tie in with the world of hair systems in some shape or form. We’ll also take a look at the origins of these idioms.



    I’ve been tearing my hair out trying to work what to do.”

    Now this is something that our customers can definitely not afford to do! As for the hair on our hair systems, you may actually find it quite difficult to tear it out of our more durable models.

    Trichotillomania (trik-o-til-o-MAY-nee-uh) is actually the name of the mental disorder where people have the uncontrollable desire to pull their own hair out and the origins of the expression are said to lie here. Hopefully, this isn’t the reason why you’re in need of a hair system! References to this action can be found in Shakespeare and there is even a biblical reference to Ezra the priest pulling his own hair out in a fit of anger.


     hair system tapes

    Keep your hair on! It’s not that big a deal. We’ll sort it out.”

    The way in which our hair systems are designed, keeping your hair on is not something you need to worry about too much. Lots of our hair systems have a skin or poly perimeter or tabs to give you a clear and smooth surface on which tape or adhesive can easily be attached.

    Believed to date back to 19th century Britain, there are conflicting views as to where this idiom originates from. It’s possible that its origins lie in the aforementioned “to tear one’s hair out” or in the known fact that stress can lead to hair loss. It’s possible it comes from the expression, “keep your shirt/hat on,” as traditionally men would take off their shirts and hats before getting in a fight. It may also have been born from the Victorian tendency for gentlemen to throw their wigs on the ground in a fit of anger. We don’t know for sure.

      hair toupee

    “It’s been such a long week at work. I just really need to let my hair down this weekend.”

    Wear your hair down, wear your hair up. Left parting, right parting. You’ll have a great number of styling options with our more natural looking hair systems or those with lace fronts.

    This particular idiom dates back to the 17th century when women would wear their hair pinned up. They would only let it down when washing or brushing it or going to sleep i.e. when in the privacy of their own home where they could relax.



    “I feel terrible but I’m going to order a drink anyway. Maybe it’ll be the hair of the dog!”

    We can assure you that we only use real human hair on our hair systems but there are times when we may use synthetic hair. For example, if you want gray hair then we may recommend synthetic hair since it maintains its color much better than human hair. Speaking of the hair of the dog, how about the hair of yak? We can actually make gray hair from yak hair although this is becoming less popular.

    First recorded in the 16th century, this idiom has literal roots in that it used to be the prescribed treatment for being bitten by a rabid dog. It was believed that by applying the hair of the same rabid dog that bit you to the infected wound, you could cure yourself.



    Now that you’ve hopefully learned something new about a few hair idioms, feel free to go back to splitting hairs over which is the best hair system for you! We, of course, can offer you plenty of advice about which one that may be or how to care for your hair so you can avoid those split ends. So as ever, get in touch on our website or social media pages, send an email to service@lordhair.com or alternatively, give us a call on +86 532 80828255.