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    Hair System Stress Test: Do Hair Systems Rip Easily?

    We test how well a men's toupee fairs when put through the ringer! Celebrirty stylist tries to rip his hair system, pull it and put the toupee through rigourous testing. Will it last?

    Watch the video to find out!

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    Get your hair back in less than a week

    Aaron's toupee hair system details:

    • Base design: 0.01mm thin skin with V-looped, knotless hair at the front
    • Base size: 8” x 10”
    • Hair type:Regular human hair
    • Hair color: #4 (12 other colors to choose from inc. gray hair options)
    • Hair density: Medium-light to medium
    • Front contour: Standard CC


    Hello my hair warriors! It's me, Aaron O'Brien, your friendly neighborhood hairdresser. Today, we are going to be putting hair systems to the test. We are going to put this through trials and tribulations - maybe running over it with a car, pulling it, everything you think you can do to tear these things apart and see what they can put up with.

    These videos are sponsored by lordhair.com - my favorite place to get all these fabulous hairpieces.

    So, come on, let's drive over some hair systems!

    Here is our first test for our hair system. You want to see how this lasts at this. We're using a thin skin system

    that my friend over here, Melissa, is sporting. We're going to get James, cameraman, in here.

    Let's pull this! They're going to wrestle with the piece and hopefully, it stays together.

    Pull it! No, further! You need to ... literally, pull. We want to put this baby to the test and make sure it lasts. That's not strong enough.

    Listen ____ , if you're gonna pull, pull it hard! Three, two, one, OK.

    It has stood the pulling test for 10 seconds being dragged. It's actually reverted, well, it hasn't really moved. It's still the very same so this ____ is strong this is the thin skin piece.

    This is a good test for that one. Next one, let's wash 20 times.

    We are going to wash and wash and wash. We're going to wash this piece, let's say - I said 20, let's do 30 times - with dishwashing soap to see how long it lasts to see if it really dries out. Let's give it a go!

    Alright, here we go, our first wash. Wash number one.

    We have used dishwashing soap which is quite abrasive and I have scrubbed as you can see, I'm not being gentle on the system at all. So, let's see. It's still got so much soap in it just from washing and washing. This is the forever soap - the soap that never ends. OK, I don't care

    if there's still soap, it's done. Right, let's dry her off. We were really abrasive with this like the color faded. Yes, it did a little bit but it's still quite strong and I do have to obviously detangle it but the hair still feels soft. I'm actually surprised that this has lasted but let's go on to the next thing. I think I'm just going to go outside and run it over with my car. We're outside in the freezing cold and we are going to test the system and put it to the max. We're going to run over it with my car to see if this can really withstand the weight of this bad boy. "OK, Melissa are you ready?"

    Get out of the way!

    It's still alive. It's withstood the car and the weight of the car. Is it still intact? Yes, look at her. She's still intact. I'm very happy about this. This really puts lordhairsystems.com [lordhair.com]

    to the test. Enjoy your system! At least you know it might last forever. Alright, bye! Don't forget to check out the rest of my videos. Don't forget to click below and thank you to Lordhair for sponsoring all these fabulous videos and I'll see you guys soon. I hope you enjoyed it! Bye!

    hair system test