Top Toupee Supplies: Hair System Must-have Accessories for Stylists


Here are 3 accessories you can’t be without as a hair system stylist to get that perfect fit. We are not going to talk about tapes or glues in this toupee supplies list, since they are an integral necessity in fitting hair systems. We will present the top three accessories you need in your toupee supplies arsenal when fitting men’s hair systems.

1. Toupee Supplies: Brush Applicators

Brush applicators are perfect for getting the right amount of glue on the head before application in an even manner, the opposite end of the brush can also be used for lightly pushing down on the system once glued to get it secured in place.

You could go for a Walker brush, or you could go to your local handicraft store and purchase PVA glue sticks if you want to use disposable sticks for each customer.


2. Toupee Supplies: Color Rings

Color rings are an indispensable accessory that you need when choosing your color. As a stylist, you may want to add some highlights and make alterations yourself to the color for your client, but you will need a color ring to get the base color right, the first time.

Lordhair provides color rings on all of the hair colors, for stock pieces, and custom pieces alike.