Hair Partings


Besides hair integrations, hair partings are good solutions for ladies with thinning hair. Here we’d like to recommend our silk top hair partings.


The base size of the partings is not big, usually 2” x 6”, with a lace front. The main part is made with silk mono. The hair is knotted into a layer of lace, then injected into a layer of mono to cover all the knots. Silk mono looks like real human scalp, so the hair looks like its growing out of the scalp.


The partings can be attached to the head with clips. Then you blend the hair with your own.  Using one of these lets you add volume easily. You can take it off every day and it doesn’t affect your own hair’s growth.


All colors are available, even highlights or mixed colors. If you are interested in hair partings, please feel free to contact us at





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