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    Hair Fibres: The Good and The Bad

    thinning crown male


    How I Used to Use Hair Fibres


    When I found out about hair fibres, I was so excited to use them and it allowed me to stop being self-conscious about my thinning hair. I liked how convenient it was to apply to my hair and how it lasted all day until washed off. Hair fibres are like microparticles in form (think, a type of powder) which come in a saltshaker-like container. I got quite advanced with the hair fibres and bought a spray pump which allowed me to create hairlines and fill in thinning areas to get great coverage. Hair fibres will only work if you have existing hair in the area since the fibres are used to blend in with the hair. The results were always impeccable.


    Hair Fibres: The Bad


    The hair fibres took the hair industry by storm and many companies began making cheaper versions of the leading brands. I began to try the other cheaper brands and they worked just as well as the expensive fibres. However, over time and further purchases, the fibres began to resemble dust. I remember at the end of the week when I would clean the bathroom, I noticed the accumulation of fibres on surfaces. The cheaper option wasn’t a good one.


    Whichever hair fibre I used; it was always going to be a mess. It’s difficult to style hair after application. It was always better for me to style my hair with wax products and then fill in the gaps with hair fibres – and not to forget a hair spray to ‘activate’ the fibres to hold them in place.


    All this was residue on my hair and scalp. I was getting so fed up with always having to wash my hair – if not then pillows would become soiled as soon as the head touched the cushion. The fibres started to become an inconvenience. It was also becoming embarrassing when some of the fibres would dust off on my clothes, near the neck areas. Also, I remember when I travelled to Vancouver for LGBT Pride, I was so excited to visit and see this part of Canada. I packed the container of fibres in my travel bag and water leaked in! I couldn’t use the fibres at all! I recall having to hide and position my head so my friend couldn’t see my thinning spots. I bought a fun baseball cap to wear at Gay Pride. It was hot and wasn’t fun to wear! From then on, I always travelled with a spare.


    Why I Wear a Partial Hair System


    hair patches for men


    If I had existing hair where I use my partial hair system, I would absolutely use hair fibres again. However, with my hair system from Lordhair, I no longer need to worry about dusty fibres. The feeling of getting up and going and not having to go through hair preparation was bliss!


    crown patch for men


    Struggling with a thinning crown? Look no further than a crown hair patch!