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    Free Wigs for Kids – An Initiative for Children by Lordhair

    Hair loss is not just a problem for adults. As unfair and cruel as it may seem, there are many young children across the world who are suffering from cancer, alopecia, trichotillomania, burns or other illnesses and conditions that have caused them to lose their hair. There is no doubt that losing hair can especially take a toll on a child`s emotional well-being and it`s even harder to go bald when you are an adult.

    Besides, coping with and treating illnesses like cancer can be hard enough for children but a lack of hair can often make them feel inferior to others. There is also the possibility for long-term psychological harm, especially as these children reach adolescence and start to become more self-conscious of their appearance and how they differ from their peers. School life naturally becomes difficult.


    Hair Loss in Children – Common Conditions

    Oftentimes, children hair loss is caused by an infection or medical complication with the scalp. Common causes include:

    a, Alopecia areata: Alopecia is an autoimmune disease that results in hair loss. Your immune system attacks the follicles from which hair grows. Alopecia exists in various forms, depending on the pattern of hair loss.

    Free wigs for kids


     b, Nutritional deficiency: Good provision of nutrition is critical for a healthy body. When kids don`t get enough minerals, vitamins, and protein, their hair will fall out. A lack of zinc, iron, biotin or amino acids can result in hair loss.

     c, Hypothyroidism: This disease does not make enough of the hormones it requires to function properly. It will not only lead to tiredness and constipation but will cause hair loss in children.


    Wigs for Kids – Lordhair’s Initiative

    Children only want to be "normal" and fit in with other children. It cannot be easy being singled out for looking different and having to deal with people in the street regularly staring at them. No child deserves that. Many members of staff in our company have children, so we have a profound understanding of the situation and can empathize with the parents and children. Whilst unable to offer a medical solution, we realized that we could at least give them back their hair and in some small way ease their suffering.

    The idea of doing something good was not some spur of the moment decision for us at Lordhair. On the contrary, it has existed for a long time. Once our director Jeff, was on a business trip in Birmingham, U.K. And when he was visiting the client, he saw the showroom was filled with the photos of children they helped before. Jeff was touched by the scene and he confirmed his belief to do something good for the society as well. He also insists on having this program firmly and constantly. 

    Wigs for kids


    Even though there is a practical limit to the long-term benefits and social impact, when hundreds or thousands of people get together and coordinate their giving, tremendous and lasting good can be done for the society by the simply act of providing wigs for children. Besides, this effect will continue to enhance over months or years.  


    As a company which actively engaging in production and marketing of wigs and hair systems, we have always been committed to the betterment of society. Lordhair has explored many possible ways to give back to individuals, the community, and the environment. Our primary mission is to make the idea of ‘For A Better You’ as inclusive as possible. It is as much about bettering ourselves as it is about changing the way our customers feel about themselves. As such, we are happy to introduce the following initiative, ‘Wigs For Kids’ to you.

    We Feel Your Pain

    We understand that these children and their parents may know very little about wigs and might be unsure about who to turn to for assistance especially if they do not have the financial means often needed for wigs. For Lordhair, as a global manufacturer and supplier of hair replacement systems, it feels only natural for us to offer our assistance and professional expertise to help these children in need.


    Parents, on the other hand, may also feel a sense of helplessness and guilt as they look on and see their children suffering like this. Therefore, we would like to show our solidarity and play a part in helping these children regain their self-confidence by giving them the look they deserve by offering free wigs.


    How to Participate in this Program?



    Whenever you purchase a hair system at Lordhair, we will take $1 on our own basing on total order amount per month and make them wigs for donation. So, if your child is under 12 and suffers from hair loss due to an illness or medical condition, we invite you to fill out the online form below. We are prepared to fully customize a wig for your child and ship it out to you at our expense, completely free of cost.

    Please remember to also upload any relevant medical records. Moreover, we would simply ask you to send a before & after picture or a short video of your child. It will be better if you could forward this blog to more similar children who really need them. We could help your child find the perfect wig with the most suitable length, curl, density, color etc. for them.


    At last…

    Thank you again for choosing Lordhair and please feel free to spread the word. If we can bring some comfort and joy to these children and put a smile back on their face, then, we will have achieved something.

    Please support Lordhair’s ‘Wigs for Kids’ initiative by sharing this blog on your social media!