Four Different Thicknesses of Skin for Mens Hair Replacement


There are four different thicknesses of skin for mens hair replacements which customers usually choose .  They are Ultra thin skin 0.03mm, BIO, poly skin 0.14mm and silicon 0.25mm.

Ultra thin skin 0.03mm is our speciality.  It is very natural.  It is almost completely undetectatable. Ultra thin skin 0.03mm can be used with V-looped hair.  But its lifespan is about one month.  It is pictured below. Lordhair has stock ultra thin skin 0.03mm that can be shipped immediately.

BIO skin's thickness is 0.08mm.  Injected hair can not be applied to a thickness less than 0.08mm.  Its lifespan is about 3 months.  Its pictured belowe and is in stock.

Poly skin's thickness is 0.14mm.  It can be applied on any kind of ventilation system.  Its lifespan is about five to six months.  Pictured below is our transparent skin 0.14mm piece.

Silicon's thickness is 0.25mm.  It is the most durable of all skins.  Its lifespan is twelve to eighteen months.  See the picture below.

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