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    Early Signs of Hair Loss in Men and Women: A Complete Guide

    Early signs of hair loss are ignored by most people but this lack of action can lead to later baldness that is hard to reverse. That said, identifying the early signs of hair loss isn’t so easy either. This is the reason why Lordhair is presenting a complete guide for detecting the early signs of hair loss along with the causes and treatments. Learning about these early signs will help you take the right recovery steps and tackle baldness before it is too late. Let’s look at the most common signs of hair loss.


    Receding hairline


    A receding hairline often becomes visible among men in their twenties. In this early sign of hair loss, your hairline will begin to recede just above the temples and possibly around the crown of your head as well, forming an M-pattern in men and a V-pattern in women. A receding hairline is often triggered by: 

    Hormonal changes caused by dihydrotestosterone or Hair loss genetics


    Signs of Hair Loss in Men


    While there are no major treatments for this particular early sign of hair loss, there are a few medications that might prove helpful:


    Medications for a receding hairline



    Finasteride is one of the prescribed medications to promote scalp hairline growth. Designed for men, it lowers the hormone levels that often cause your hairline to recede. A daily 1mg dose can be helpful in fighting this early sign of hair loss. 



    Minoxidil - also known as Rogaine - is known to slow down the rate of a receding hairline. Minoxidil is more effective in restoring hair loss patches on the scalp. 


    Cautionary note: Consult a dermatologist since both medications are infamous for their side effects.


    Learn about the side effects of minoxidil  before buying for personal use


    Aggressive hair shedding


    On average, we lose 100 strands of hair a day. So, there is no need to be startled if you notice a few hair strands while taking a shower or brushing your hair.  However, if you begin to notice an excessive amount of hair loss throughout the day, consider it an early sign of pattern baldness. 


    This is the time to act quickly and examine your lifestyle to identify potential reasons for speedy hair shedding. 


    Treatments for aggressive hair shedding 


    Stop smoking and drinking

    It has been proven that excessive smoking and drinking can trigger hair shedding in men and women. In addition to hair fall, both may also cause premature graying. So, you should really stop smoking and reduce your alcohol intake if hair shedding is quickly settling in. 


    Use coconut oil

    A unique combination of fatty acids present in coconut oil not only improves hair health but also serves to condition it. Massaging your scalp twice every week with coconut oil will help you tackle this early sign of hair loss. 


    Balanced diet

    Trichologists suggest that a balanced diet is the key to avoiding hair fall in men and women with bad eating habits. Replace junk food with fruit and vegetables rich in vitamins to nourish your hair from the inside. 

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    Noticeable hair thinning


    Have you ever looked in the mirror and noticed less hair on the top of your head than usual? In this early sign of hair loss, the hair strands from your entire scalp or specific areas of the crown begin to fall out. 


    Unlike a receding hairline, baldness caused by hair thinning starts from either the back of the head or from the top. This type of hair loss is commonly seen among men but women are also affected by it. Here are some reasons that trigger this early sign of hair loss: 


    Alopecia areata

    Alopecia areata is the most common cause of hair thinning. It starts with round bald patches on the scalp. It can also affect your eyebrows and beard. 


    Vitamin D deficiency

    A lack of vitamin D is another major reason why someone may experience this early sign of hair loss. People who spend less time outdoors are prone to vitamin D deficiency. 



    Women sometimes notice patchy hair loss during or after pregnancy. Even though this type of hair loss is pretty common, most women with a good diet and good personal hygiene can recover from it. 


    The good news is that even if your hair appears thin, you are not going completely bald as this condition is completely reversible.  


    Medications for treating hair thinning


    The same medications that we touched on before can be used to treat thinning hair.



    This is one of the most recommended medications used to treat early-level hair thinning. Apply the solution directly to the areas of hair thinning on your scalp. 


    Signs of Hair Loss in Men and Women



    Hair thinning can also be treated by using finasteride. The oral medication can be taken by men on a daily basis or as prescribed by a doctor. Women, on the other hand, should avoid using finasteride as it can cause breast swelling and tenderness, headache, and irregular menstruation. 



    Read about the potential side effects of finasteride before taking it


    Itchy scalp 


    An itchy scalp is another early sign of hair loss among men and women. Also known as scalp pruritus, it happens when your scalp is infected by bacteria or fungi that enter through hair follicles or damaged skin. 


    Though seemingly harmless, an itchy scalp can evolve into a more serious condition if not treated. Before talking about its treatment, let’s look at the wide range of causes behind an itchy scalp: 


      1. Seborrheic dermatitis
      2. Psoriasis
      3. Allergic reaction to hair products such as dye or gel
      4. Head lice
      5. Atopic dermatitis
      6. Diabetes
      7. Herpes zoster or shingles


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    Treating hair loss caused by an itchy scalp


    While treatment of an itchy scalp depends greatly on the condition that is causing it, the following remedies are quite popular: 



    The chamomile oil is widely used topically to reduce itching on the scalp. Adding six to ten drops of this essential oil directly to your medical shampoo will help you fight an itchy scalp. You can apply it directly to your scalp before washing your head.


    Cream and ointments

    This remedy is prescribed by physicians. First, clean and dry the affected area and then apply cream or foam on it. In case you are using a spray, shake it before use. 


    Fortified shampoos

    Fortified shampoos are rich in zinc which quickly eliminates the scalp itch by stopping dandruff and flakes. 


    As we said, early-stage hair loss triggered by an itchy scalp is nothing to worry about. However, if there is swelling, pain or sores along with the itching then Lordhair recommends seeing a trichologist as soon as possible. 


    Hair clumps


    Ever ran your fingers through your scalp and noticed a large number of strands coming out? As mentioned earlier, it is normal to lose 100 strands a day but if you pull out a huge clump of hair, then, you need to act quickly because this is an early sign of hair thinning. 


    Signs of Hair Loss


    This type of hair loss is often seen in women more than men and can be prevented by taking the right steps: 


      1. Avoid fancy hairstyles that pull your hair
      2. Minimize the use of styling tools such as dryers and straighteners
      3. Get a shampoo that is mild and suitable for your hair. Consult a trichologist for a recommendation
      4. Replace your hard and fine-toothed brush with a soft brush made from natural fibers



    By taking the right measures, you can stop early symptoms of hair fall from getting worse. However, not everyone can prevent early signs of hair loss. For these people, we recommend using hair systems that are made with human hair and give you a hyper-realistic look.  


    Lordhair designs modern hair replacement products for men and women living with temporary and irreversible hair loss conditions. Our modern hair systems and wigs are shipped to over 100 countries and come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 


    Got any queries? Send them to support@lordhair.com and have them answered by our hair experts.