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    I Feel More Like a Woman

    First sign of hair loss

    Kelly had always had very long hair as a child but when she got to around the age of 10 her Mum started noticing that she was losing a lot of hair. She sought help as to the causes for her daughter’s hair loss and eventually doctors managed to assert that Kelly was pulling her hair out in her sleep. She had trichotillomania.


    Despite visiting a few consultants nothing could be done to stem Kelly’s hair loss. By now, a horseshoe-like shape was developing on her head where she was totally bald from the front of her forehead to the back. At that time in the 90s, there was no obvious solution as hair systems were not the affordable option that they can be today.


    Teenage anguish

    As a young teen, her hair loss started to take a mental toll on Kelly. She didn’t feel she was flourishing the way other girls her age were and she fell into a cycle of depression. Medication didn’t help; cognitive behavioral therapy didn’t help. Things only got worse as she got older and she spent time out of work whilst struggling to cope with her hair loss.


    First wigs

    Kelly did eventually turn to wigs as a solution but she initially bought cheaper, synthetic ones and found they were quite itchy and made her feel hot. They did nothing for her self-consciousness. She later progressed to human hair wigs courtesy of the NHS (National Health Service) but again found that they still weren’t quite right and that they still made her feel self-conscious.


    Discovering Lordhair

    The turning point in Kelly’s hair journey came in the build-up to her wedding. A story about Kelly’s hair loss was picked up by local newspapers in the run-up to her wedding. She then thought she had found the answer to her hair loss worries through a hair system company that had read Kelly’s story. However, for one reason or another, things did not turn out as Kelly was expecting and she had to start looking elsewhere to ensure she had the perfect hair for her wedding. It was all becoming very stressful with her big day fast approaching. On the back of a recommendation from her stylist who had previously worked with Lordhair men’s hair systems but not with our long-haired custom wigs, Kelly took a chance on Lordhair.


    First impressions

    Kelly could not believe how thick the hair was and how well-made the lace was. What’s more, the fit was great too. Once it was attached to her head, Kelly was amazed at how beautiful it looked. She knew then that she had found her “wedding hair”. Kelly had a wig that would allow her to wear her hair up and she took so much satisfaction from having her hair styled on her big day. Come the actual wedding, Kelly was overwhelmed with compliments about her hair from guests. 


    Freedom and peace of mind

    Kelly has found she can do anything she wants with her hair system. She knows it is attached securely to her head and that it will not come off. That’s why she can go swimming or to the gym or go for a walk along the beach. She is not restricted in any way.


    “A woman’s hair is her crowning glory”


    Kelly believes women with hair feel more feminine. That’s certainly the case for her. She can also speak on behalf of other women as she is a big contributor to women’s online hair loss groups. Hair is part of your identity and according to her, most women struggle with mental health issues as a result of hair loss. Kelly – more than anyone - knows how dangerous this can be for people.


    Trichotillomania is a disorder that Kelly may have to deal with for the rest of her life but now she finally has a hair loss solution for herself and a company in Lordhair that she can point others in the direction of. Even better, Kelly has noticed that her hair is growing back again but she knows she has the option of customizing a hair system to suit the exact nature of her hair loss.


    Kelly has her confidence back and on top of that, she feels like a woman again.


    Kelly’s hair system

    You can find information about Kelly’s hair system here:

     Full French Lace Hair System

    The base design of Kelly’s Remy human hair wig. You choose all the features of the hair.


    This model has a full French lace base that is popular with both men and women. It can be customized to your exact preferences. Here are the features of Kelly’s wig that you see in her video for your reference:


    Hair type: 14” Remy hair with a left parting

    Hair density: Medium-heavy

    Hair color: 60% #22 and 40% #30 evenly blended

    Curl and wave: 36mm body wave


    For any other information about our hair systems and wigs, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our team at support@lordhair.com. Also, check out our YouTube channel as we will be sharing more content from our customers in the near future as well as other hair-system related videos.