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    6 Chinese Herbs for Hair Growth and Hair Fall Control


    Hundreds of products are available online and offline that claim to boost hair growth and prevent hair loss. Of course, all of them can be legit. Some people also face side effects after using chemical-laden products for hair growth. Thankfully, there are herbs that are said to help boost hair growth and prevent hair fall problems. In this blog, we will be talking about Chinese herbs that do the hair magic! 

    Lordhair - globally trusted for non-surgical hair replacement systems - will share 6 Chinese herbs to make hair thicker and stronger.

    Let’s start with our hair recovery blog!


    Chinese Herbs for Hair Growth

    Below are 6 Chinese herbs that can be used for hair growth and hair fall reduction:



    Also known as he shou wu, this is a very common Chinese herb that has been used in Asian kitchens for ages. This herb is very good for overall health as it boosts blood circulation. Fo-Ti is also widely used to restore the natural pigmentation of hair. But that’s not what brought you here, right?

    This herb is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine to promote hair growth and prevent ageing effects such as premature graying of hair. 

    Chinese herbs for hair growth


    Ling Zhi

    Also known as the reishi mushroom, ling zhi is said to treat folliculitis very effectively. It has immune system-boosting properties and also helps in preventing the signs of ageing. 

    This Chinese herb is part of many allopathic medicines that are used in the treatment of hair fall. So, this is a must-add natural hair booster ingredient for your hair fall recovery plan.


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    Nu Zhen Zi

    This Chinese herb is known for being extremely effective in treating bald patches. Also called glossy privet fruit, nu zhen zi is often used in combination with he shou wu to enhance its hair-nourishing effects. It increases the blood flow to the scalp region and also helps purify the blood by promoting kidney and liver health.

    Do you have visible bald patches on the head? Herbs might not help. Check out our collection of toupee wigs for pain-free recovery.



    Stress is known to be one of the major causes of hair loss. Ginseng is widely known to reduce stress which helps in controlling hair damage caused by it. Another major benefit of using ginseng is that it also improves mental health. 

    In addition to hair growth, this Chinese herb will also help in reducing frequent sneezing!

    Chinese herbs for hair loss


    Morus Alba

    Also known as white mulberry, morus alba is a popular herb in China for preventing the premature greying of the hair. This Chinese herb can be used as a home remedy to treat hair loss and graying without any concern for side effects.

    The best thing about morus alba is that it can be grown easily in a kitchen garden.


    Wu Wei Zin

    This Chinese herb is sour in flavour but warm in nature. Wu wei zin is an extremely popular ingredient in the Chinese beauty industry. It is known to control the damage caused by baldness and give soft, silky hair as well. Want to improve the texture of your skin? This Chinese herb can help!

    Wu wei zin has also helped with difficult cases of baldness. So, count on this herb to help you as well!


    Recover from Hair Loss with Lordhair

    We hope that the above Chinese herbs will help boost your hair growth and prevent hair loss. In some cases, however, treating hair loss can be hard. This is especially true for alopecia and genetic hair loss. For a risk-free hair recovery, we recommend checking out our collection of men’s human hair wigs.

    Got any queries about hair loss? Drop them in the comments to get a quick reply from our team of hair experts.