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    Celebrity Hairstylist and Lordhair Customer Aaron O’Bryan Opens Up About His Hair Loss on TV

    We’re sure many of you will have first come across Lordhair and hair system over the internet but what about on TV? We’re pleased to say that we can now say that we’ve been on TV. And not just on an ad!


    Aaron O’Bryan is a celebrity hairstylist and TV personality in Canada. Last month he shared his hair loss story and his first Lordhair hair system on The Marilyn Denis Show – a top daytime television talk show in Canada.


    Aaron’s is a touching story that we’re sure many men can relate to as they struggle with hair loss. It is often as much a psychological struggle as it is a physical one and as Aaron revealed, over time you stop feeling like yourself.



    Aaron is wearing our Champion stock hair system which has a full French lace base and is very popular for its realism and lightweight, airy nature.




    lordhair product


    Aaron’s new hair system and confidence has made his suffering a thing of the past. Gone are days of Aaron stressing and endlessly trying to mask his hair loss with fibers, hair spray or backcombing.


    We’re very grateful to Aaron for bringing Lordhair – but more importantly, hair systems – to the attention of a wider audience. Aaron had a lot of knowledge and expertise to share and during the course of the show, the host, Marilyn Denis, asked him the same questions that many will also ask when they first hear of hair systems. We thought it was a good idea to paraphrase Marilyn’s questions to Aaron and provide our own brief answers to them.



    How do hair systems work?

    Hair systems are held in place by tape or glue. They are worn on the scalp (often just on the top of the head where hair loss is more common) so you will have to first shave the area of your hair loss to the size of the hair system. Then apply specialist tape to the base (underside) of the hair system or glue to the scalp or a combination of the two.

    Don't confuse them with the wigs and toupees of yesteryear – hair systems are made in such a realistic way that you will be able to style your hair so your front hairline is fully exposed.


    Do we need to go to a specialist hairstylist?

    It’s often a good idea to do so if you’re new to hair systems but with online companies like Lordhair, you can order a hair system directly from the manufacturer and fit it yourself from the comfort of your own. Order a pre-cut and styled hair system and you won’t even need to go a stylist to have your hair cut.


    Can you wear them continuously?

    Yes, hair systems are ‘semi-permanent’. You don’t need to take them off to sleep or to shower, for example. They become a part of you. The glue and tape you use to attach a hair system can last up to four weeks but climate, lifestyle and body chemistry often dictate that the hold will weaken before then. Removing and reapplying glue or tape on a weekly basis is a popular choice with many people.


    Are they an option if you just have thinning hair around your crown?

    Yes, because a hair system can be worn on any part of the head and you can always order a custom-made hair system that can be made to the exact size of your thinning hair.



    We highly recommend checking out the full feature from the show by watching it on The Marilyn Denis Show website.


    However much your hair loss is affecting you know that there is a hair loss solution out there for you thanks to hair systems. To hear from more men who have turned to hair systems as their answer to hair loss, head over to our YouTube channel.


    In the meantime, please feel to email us at support@lordhair.com and our team of experts will be happy to help you with all your hair system-related questions.