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    Which Is the Most Natural and Durable Hair System?


    If you read our blog from last week you will know the three questions that we are asked more than any other. This blog will focus on another very popular question and one that is tied to how long our hair systems last.


    Many people want to know the answer to the title of this blog but we're sorry to tell you that there is no definitive answer that we can give you. The fact is that a natural appearance and durability are often mutually exclusive. If ever a well-known English idiom could be used to answer one of your questions, then ''you can't have your cake and eat it,'' would be the ideal response to this question.


    Allow us to expand on a blog post from last year to answer this question in greater detail though. The basic rule of thumb is that the more natural the hair system, the thinner and more invisible the base is. Take our S22, for example. At 0.03mm, it is called ultra-thin for a reason. It's the most realistic men's hair system we have thanks to the thinness of the skin and the knotless, V-loop method used to attach the hair. Such realism, however, comes at the expense of durability. With the skin being so thin, you're only going to get one month's wear out of these hair systems. On the other end of the scale, there is the F27. Owing to its fine mono base and its, thick, strong PU perimeter, this is a very durable hair system that should* last six months and beyond. Being so thick though, a high degree of realism is not going to be achieved.


    With those hair systems as an example, we can usually say that the more natural the hair system, the less durable it is. That said, just because you're thinking of a very natural-looking hair system doesn't mean you have to neglect durability. For example, you may have an inclination towards lace and be considering the very natural-looking S7. This model has bleached knots all over to give it a knotless and realistic look. This knotting method, however, actually shortens the lifespan of the hair knots, and therefore hair system, since bleaching is a chemical process. Nevertheless, you can make this natural-looking hair system more durable by customizing it and not having bleached knots or just having them in select areas, say along the front hairline.


    What we're trying to say is that if you want both a natural appearance and durability then you're going to have to compromise - or you're either going to have to prioritize one over the other. We would love to be able to give you a more specific answer but unfortunately, we can't. Just also remember that there are other factors when considering the respective merits of a natural-looking and a long-lasting hair system: the climate you live in, how physically active you are or how you're going to style your hair, for example.


    By all means get in touch with us because we realize you could have a lot of further questions or want advice on certain hair systems. If you browse our website then you'll see that we have a huge selection of hair systems as there is always the customized option too which gives you complete control of all features of your hair system.




    *Should being an important work here as it all depends on how well you as an individual look after your hair system or even the types of natural oils that your body produces (which damage the hair system). These are the reasons why we don't like to give an exact period of time when we are asked how long a hair system will last.