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    Reasons for Transaction Failure with Credit Card

    If you want to pay your hair system with your credit card, Lordhair provides a credit card payment method. Yet, sometimes the transaction just fails. You can check if it’s because of the following reasons.


    1. It should be a credit card if you choose credit card payment method.

    A few customers choose credit card payment method but input their debit card information. Predictably, the transaction fails.


    2. If you input the correct card information.

    Double check the card information you input before you proceed.


    3. The shipping address is different from the billing address for your credit card bill.

    To ensure payment completion, please leave a shipping address that is exactly the same as the billing address for your credit card bill. If they are different, the credit card bank may refuse to pay for the safety of your bank account.


    4. Insufficient credit card balance.

    Make sure you have enough credits in your card before you make the payment. It will definitely fail if your card doesn’t have sufficient credit card balance.


    5. Bad credit history.

    If you have bad credit records before, the transaction may be stopped by our risk control. In this situation, you can try another credit card.


    By the way, PayPal also allows you to complete the payment with your credit card. So if credit card payment method doesn’t work well, you can try PayPal.