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Mens Toupees

There is a misperception out there that people can tell if you are wearing a mens toupee. Way back when, materials used to make mens hair toupees were too thick and the methods of construction were by no means advanced. Today it’s a completely different story when it comes to hair piece toupees. We know more about how hair grows and have more advanced base materials for construction and adhesives for attachment. So now, people will never know that you are wearing a hair toupee!

Toupee wigs are meant for those dealing with partial baldness whether due to illness of genetic disposition. Toupee hair pieces are attached directly to the scalp. They come in many different lengths, colors, hair types and more. Stock hair toupees are ideal if you need a hair loss solution in a hurry while bespoke custom toupees for men are designed and created to your exact specifications.

Quality of hair in a mens toupees

Toupee hair pieces have different structures, colors, waves and curls and styles. There are so many choices that you will undoubtedly find the right hair loss solution for you. When it comes to appearance the most vital factor is hair the quality of both natural and synthetic fibers. Human hair provides more versatility when it comes to styling, while synthetic hair is stronger but cannot be styled at high temperatures. Some toupees for men even have both so you can experience the benefits of both.

Hair toupee Base Materials

There are basically three types of base material. You need to choose according to your lifestyle and personal preference.

- Lace is breathable, natural looking and soft but is delicate.

- Monofilament can be quite strong and breathable but the material is not soft.

- Skin systems are knotless so they are super realistic but there are not breathable.

Many hair toupee wearers choose composite bases to get the advantages of the different materials


Attaching a hair piece toupee

Bases can be attached to the scalp using a variety of different methods. Extremely tacky surgical grade hair glue or hair tape adhesives allow toupees for men to be worn without removal for several weeks.



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