How to Tell If an Old Unit is Repairable


If you really like your current hair system, you are probably not willing to throw it away after it gets old. Instead, you may want it repaired by adding new hair and repairing the tears on the base. Yet not all old unit can be repaired. So before you send it to us, you can first check to see if it is possible so you don’t waste your time and money shipping it.


How to tell if the old unit is repairable?  Below are some main things to check for.


If the unit has lost most of its hair, then the unit is not worth repairing. It’s almost like making a new unit. Try to pull the existing hair and see if the hair roots break easily. If the hair roots looks white and break easily, then the unit is not worth a repair.


If the base has a few minor tears, it can usually be repaired. If it’s a skin base and it has become yellowish, the base probably is not strong enough to hold new hair.


If you want to repair an injected skin or injected lace hair system, the new hair can only be added with knots. New hair cannot be injected into the base again.


The density after repair is usually the same as the original density. If you want a heavier density, please let us know in advance.


If you have kept the hair system for 2 years or more, it’s usually not worth repairing unless it is not used very often.


You’d better take some photos of the old unit and send the photos to us to check. The photos should at least show the base and the hair.


After we receive the unit, we will check the unit again and let you know if it’s repairable.


If you have an old unit to repair, please feel free to contact us



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Am sending my hair piece photos... Mark Robinson Sep 08, 2022
Hi Mark - please share them with or directly with your customer service rep if you are an existing customer. We hope we can help you! Lordhair Sep 08, 2022
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