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    How to Choose the Most Suitable Hair System for You

    When you browse a hair systems website, do you feel confused about how to choose your own hair system? If the answer is “Yes”, you need think about what your priorities in design are.

    Firstly, the base design determines a lot about the hair system. For example, a lace base will be more natural while a mono base will be stronger, and a skin base will be easier for handle. If you live in a country which has a hot climate, lace bases and mono bases are a better choice, because the holes in the base allow heat and moisture to escape. The big difference between lace bases and mono bases is the natural look versus durability. Lace base is more natural but less durable. On the contrary, mono base is more durable. Lace base and mono base should be well cleaned, because the glue or hair production may get into the holes in the base and get stuck. This corrodes the knots of the hair, which in turn causes hair shedding.


    If you live in a country which is not so hot, you can think about a skin base. Skin base is very natural and easy to handle. When skin base is attached to your scalp with glue, the appearance is really natural. The base is easy to attach and clean. If you don’t sweat a lot, the skin base is also a good choice.


    We also have combination base designs such as lace base with skin back and sides. This base is breathable and is easy to handle at the same time. These models combine the advantages of different bases. What’s more, if you have your own idea of the base design, feel free to tell us and we will make you hair system as per your request.

    In a word, the different base designs have one purpose, to make you feel confident and comfortable at the same time. With so many options, we can help you find the perfect hair system for you.