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    Men's Wave & Curl

    When you get a perm at the salon, the hairdresser usually trims your hair to a certain hair length and then curls the hair. The very root of the hair cannot be curled using this method. 

    We don't use the same for men’s hair systems. First Our technicians perm the hair, then ventilate the hair into the base. Not only the hair tip has wave or curl, so does the hair root, just like hair growing out of the scalp. The wave or curl size of the hair is almost the same at root and tips.


    When ordering a custom made hair system, some clients want wave or curl to be made according to a picture. In the picture, usually it’s a super star with a very cool hair style; or it’s an old photo of the clients with their own hair. When we see the pictures, we usually tell the general wave size, then perm it accordingly. However, we cannot do all wave and curl patterns. Sometimes it needs to be done in the Salon after you receive the hair system. Below are some examples.




    In this case, we can give you a system that has never beem trimmed. If you want a that super cool hair style, you need to take the hair system to your hairdresser to have it cut and styled.

     If you have any further questions, please feel free to email: support@lordhair.com


       Email: support@lordhair.com

       WhatsApp: +16263623127


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