Production Time


Production time means the time we use to make the hair system. It does NOT include the time used for the following things:

-Consulting with us

-Sending in old hair systems, samples and templates, etc.

-Discussing the uncertain order details after we receive your payment.


In a word, production time can only be counted from the date that all the order details are confirmed, all the necessary samples and templates are received, and the payment is received.



Base size smaller than 10”x10”

Base size over 10”x10”

Regular Production Time

6-8 weeks

7-9 weeks

Rush Production Time

4-5 weeks

5-6 weeks

Super Rush Production Time

Please consult us before placing a super rush order.


Above is the normal production time for most hair systems. Some complicated and special hair systems cannot be completed within rush production time, like silk top, extra long hair and extra heavy density, etc. If you need a hair system within a relatively short time frame, please consult our customer service before you place your order.



Shipping Time


Lordhair cooperates with several world famous express companies, like DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS, etc. They almost ship to all the countries and regions in the world in a week, usually 3-5 business days.