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    Best Men’s Products for Thinning Hair- Expert Advice

    Everyone wants thick and shiny hair on their head, but unfortunately, not everyone gets that. Sadly, 25 percent of men under their thirties suffer from the problem of thinning hair. There are hundreds of hair products for thinning hair in men that claim to improve the condition. But the results are uncertain.


    If you are suffering from hair thinning and really want to regain your lost personality that went away with your thick hair, you should definitely give a thought to the men's hair products we are about to share!


    Below are some of the best hair thinning products men can use for hair thinning problem:


    Shampoos and conditioners


    Cleaning your hair is very important to avoid hair damage that dirt particles cause when caught up in our hair. It's recommended to use top quality, organic hair products for men fighting thinning of hair. That's the reason why a good shampoo and conditioner should be on top of your hair care list.  


    Using thickening and volumizing shampoo adds volume to your hair and make it look more bouncy and thick. Volumizing or thickening shampoos make the hair strands temporarily thick, giving an overall volumized look. Along with that, finding an appropriate conditioner is a plus point as it makes your bouncy hair more shiny and smooth.


    Nature's gift- Saw palmetto


    Saw Palmetto is a popular North American plant used in medicinal treatment of hair loss and damage. It contains an enzyme that improves your hair, prevents it from shedding, and makes it look thicker. This works best for men as it targets testosterone for generating results.


    As we said, an organic product for men's thin hair should be your priority to use. Organic hair products reduce the risk of side effects and don't contain any harmful chemical. Saw Palmetto is also used for the treatment of male pattern baldness and alopecia.



    Hair thinning bothering you? Here’s the best general hair care tips for you!


    Wonders of oil


    Oiling your hair frequently do wonders on your hair. It is the best product to use on thin hair of males. Oil has a great tendency to go deep in your scalp. No matter how good your shampoo is, it can’t match the penetrating tendency of oil. It provides essential nutrients to the hair follicles , making your hair look thick.


    Hair oil also makes the roots of your hair stronger reducing the problem of hair loss. A good hair massage from time to time is very beneficial as it improves the blood circulation in your head that helps in regrowth of hair. There are many types of Oils like Coconut oil, Rosemary oil, and mustard oil that you can use for great results.


    Essential biotin


    Biotin enriched hair products for thin hair are amazing solutions for hair troubles. Biotin is a vitamin that can be found in foods like nuts, eggs, and onions. It is scientifically proven to play a great role in the growth of healthy and thick hair.


    These days, this important vitamin is not only limited to food items, as many of the hair thinning products are coming out in the market with a good composition of Biotin in them. Many shampoos, conditioners, serum, etc. are rich in biotin.


    Thank your green tea


    Benefits of green tea are not only limited to great skin, a healthy digestive system and weight loss.  Add one more wonder of this product that it does to thin hair of men. One of the main benefits of drinking green tea is that it contains many antioxidants just like ECGC that helps in stimulating the growth of healthy and thick hair.


    Green tea also removes toxins from the body that prevent hair growth. You will find that many shampoos also contain the beneficial qualities of green tea as it is a great product to clean the scalp and give direct nutrients to the root of the hair.


    Amazing hair systems


    This hair product is an all-rounder. Hair systems are the best way to shadow extreme hair loss problem. They give full coverage to your head, meaning no one can notice your thin hair. These hair systems are made from either artificial or natural hair.


    Buying a good quality hair system is very important for a natural look and style that matches your personality. Obviously, you can't get wrong with wig shopping.

    Lordhair solves the problem of hair system shopping by presenting the best hair system for men in its digital catalog




    Above were some of the best products for males with thin hair that can help them to regain their confidence with thick and healthy hair. But it will also pay to know the reasons behind hair thinning.


    Lordhair shares the most popular causes of thinning hair for men. Below are some of the reasons that would require you to use men's hair product for thin hair:




    Smoking is your biggest enemy. If you wonder why your hair is getting thin, the cigarette in your hand could be the answer. The toxins in cigarette smoke prevent the flow of blood to your hair follicles that results in thinning of hair. A good hair product for thinning hair could fix this problem but that natural and healthy look would only come if you say a big NO to smoking.


    Lack of protein


    Our hair consists of a high amount of protein. This means that less protein intake will affect your hair. Protein deficiency will make your body focus on other parts rather than providing nutrients to your hair. That will end up thinning your hair. So, it would be better to increase the amount of protein in your diet. There are lots of products for thinning hair that are rich in protein but won't it be better to consume them through food rather than pills?




    Yes! You read it right. You might have heard this before that stress is bad for your health. Good hair is the reflection of good health. The best way to get healthy hair is by living a stress-free life. If you are struggling with stress and anxiety, meditation could help you. While the ancient practice will reduce your stress and check future damage, using good men's hair products can help repair the hair damage.


    These were just three reasons for thinning hair, but there are many other reasons of hair loss that can steal your shine. Lordhair understands the role that hair plays in your life. That's why we produce high-quality hair systems for you at affordable price.



    Get exciting discount on your first wig and stock hair system shopping only with Lordhair. Send your queries at support@lordhair.com