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    General Hair Care Tips

    Hair can be the defining feature for many of us and that's why it's important that we take good care of it. Indeed it's often said that the state of your hair is a reflection of your general well-being. As such we're going to outline a few general tips and practices you can follow to keep your hair in as good a condition as possible.


    Washing Your Hair

    Be wary of overwashing your hair as doing so will remove the natural oils from your hair which are needed for hair growth. Two or three times a week should suffice. You also must understand the nature of your hair to make sure you are washing your hair with the correct products. That is to say, different types of hair require different types of shampoo and conditioner. Oily hair needs shampoo designed for oily hair, for example. It's not just about the hair so don't neglect the scalp. Focus on thoroughly washing it. That is where your hair grows from after all.


    Washing Hair 



    Conditioner strengthens your hair and gives it hair a shiny, healthy look. So if you're not using it alongside your shampoo then get into the habit of doing so. Again, use conditioner that matches your hair type.


    Water Temperature

    As nice as it is to stand in a steaming hot shower, very hot water causes a surprising amount of damage to your scalp and hair, particularly to the tips. It can take away the natural oils of your hair which are essential to stop your hair and scalp from drying out. Cold or lukewarm water is the way to go. Now it might be a big ask to not shower with hot water but you could at least consider turning down the water temperature when it comes to the actual washing part.


    Drying Your Hair

    The obvious thing to do when you want to dry your hair is just to rub your hair vigorously with a towel. This, however, is the worst thing you could do. Due to the texture of a towel, excessive rubbing harms your hair and results in damaged cuticles and possible split ends. Initially therefore you should shake off excess water and "pat dry" your hair. Being gentle and patient is the key as you should then grip your hair with a towel and softly pull it through your hair from the root to the end, one section at a time. 


    Drying Hair


    Eat Well

    Hair is made of proteins so it goes without saying that eating healthily and getting the right amount of vitamins will strengthen your hair and help maintain its appearance. Think lean proteins and plenty of fruit and vegetables.


    No Stress

    For your life in general and for the sake of your hair, avoid stress. Find something to do to keep your life free of stress and to maintain healthy hair as well as to prevent the onset of hair loss. Be it exercise, yoga or fishing. Whatever works for you.




    As you can see, you don't need to do too much to keep your hair in optimum condition but all of the above will go some way to ensuring you have a great head of healthy hair. Remember that if you do get to the stage where you feel a hair system and a new head of hair might be your only option then we are at Lordhair will be more than happy to help you. You can send us an email to support@lordhair.com or try the various ways listed on our contact us page.