Base Materials


It is  important to know more about base materials, this will help you make the right choice of hair replacement system.

French lace

The most popular lace material in the hair industry.  It is made in Switzerland.

Various types of lace fabricated in Switzerland are collectively named Swiss lace, french lace being one of them.

It is delicate with a durable texture, natural color and is very breathable.

It is the most suitable fabric for the front of your hair system.


Swiss lace

Customers usually request “Swiss lace” when they want the most natural and undetectable lace material. During the production process, we choose the thinnest and most delicate lace in the Swisstuller catalog for these customers.

Swiss lace is thinner and softer than French lace, but less durable. Therefore it can be damaged during daily maintenance and cannot support high density.

If requesting this fabric, we suggest customers order 6 pieces each year.


Fine welded mono

The strongest mono/lace can be used on the front of your hair piece.

It has high durability and natural appearance.

It can support high density hair.


Fine mono

It is the most common material used in the hair industry.

This material is normally used in center areas but cannot be used on the front or perimeter edges unless folded, as it is can easily tear.

It is very breathable and highly durability.

It can support high density hair.


Super fine mono

It is more delicate than fine mono with smaller holes.

It is not suitable for high density hair.

It cannot be used on the front or on perimeter edges unless folded, as it can easily tear.


German net

It has very strong durability but is a thicker material.  It is a good choice for customers who want a really durable base and are less concerned with the ultimately natural look.


Thin skin

1)       Ultra thin skin 0.03mm thick, suitable for v-looped hair

This can be easily damaged during daily maintenance, we suggest customers place 5-6 orders per year.

2)       Super thin skin 0.08mm thick

Suitable for knotted, flat injected and v-looped hair.

TThis is available for knotted, lift injected and V-looped hair designs.


Thin skin with gauze

Skin with inserted gauze, more durable than thin skin

Flesh color



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