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Cheap PE Line Indian Human Hair Women Integration System

This is a women's integration system with strong PE line and is light and durable. It is suitable for people whose hair is thin. Indian human hair, remy hair and Chinese hair are all available to fill out your existing hair.

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This is a custom made hair integration as an example, all the specifications will be customized according to your own need. Below are the specifications of the products shown in the pictures for your reference.

Base Design   PE Line
 Base Size  14'' x18''
 Front Contour   C
 Hair Color  #1B
 Hair Length  18''
 Hair Density  Medium Heavy
Curl & Wave   Straight
Hair Direction   Free Style
  Hair Type  Remy hair
Advantage  Airy feel, breathable, durable, feather light, allows people to wear a custom hair replacement system without shaving their heads

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