Custom Made French Lace with Swiss Lace Hair System

This hair system is one of our most lightweight and breathable designs that combines both French and Swiss lace for a highly natural appearance. There are bleached knots all over the piece.

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This custom-made full lace hair systems have been designed to find a balance between an undetectable appearance and durability. The French lace base offers comfort and breathability and the Swiss lace adds a particularly natural look to the front of your hairline. Reinforced stitching is used all over. This Swiss lace is replaceable and since the frontal part of a base is the most fragile, replacing this part can save you a lot of money. Should you desire something more durable then the Swiss lace front can be replaced with French lace or the French lace on top with Fine welded mono.

French Lace and Swiss Lace Hair System

When you part the hair, the lace base is totally invisible.

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