Hair Today, Hair Tomorrow

Attention all new and prospective hair system businesses!

Poor financial planning leads to the swift downfall of many a new business. But we don’t want that to happen to you. We want to help you to spend your precious money in the most cost-effective way possible so that your business can get off to a great start.

You will need more than just hair systems for your business to flourish so that’s why we are offering you all of the following as part of one special package:

- Stock hair systems at wholesale prices;

- Stock hair system sample charts;

- Hair system tapes;

- Accessories including wig stands, combs etc;

- Mannequins;

- Product usage instructions;

- Custom order forms;

- Ordering tools including hair color rings, curl & wave charts, density charts, base material rings, base model kit rings, measuring tape.

Taking advantage of the package prices will be considerably cheaper than individually ordering these items.

Advantages of working with Lordhair

We produce top-quality products that will sell themselves. Our customers frequently speak highly of us and of our products:

"It’s beautiful and realistic. The hair looks like my own, better than any wig I’ve worn before. I put it on and take it off every day with the clips. Top notch quality and definitely worth every penny."

We will offer you wholesale prices no matter the size of your order.

No minimum order required.

We have our own factory meaning we can control quality and eliminate unnecessary costs and middlemen charges.

We have a huge stock and can ship immediately so you have no need to store large quantities yourself,

We have been verified by Alibaba and can offer trade assurance guarantees,

No contract is needed,

Our sales team all speak English and can answer any of your questions from the initial design stage through to the product completion and beyond.

We also speak French and Spanish.

We will provide you with training materials on how to use and look after our products.

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