Service Team


“Never too old to learn.”


Amily is client-focused and has enough knowledge to recommend proper hair systems to customers according to their needs. She’s a cheerful lady and always ready to help. If you have any questions about hair systems and orders, you can rest assured to get detailed answers and have a delightful talk with her.


“Believe in yourself.”


Cherry is focusing on sales, offering presale support and post-sale service. She is expert at full lace wigs and lace front wigs for women of African descent. Cherry is competent and easy to communicate with.


“Live as you were to die tomorrow.”


Surfy has a calm but warm personality. He answers customers’ questions, optimizes online products and checks inventory, etc. Surfy is fond of sports and a good badminton player.


“It’s not the difficulty that prevents you to do it, but your unwillingness.”


Lily is an amiable lady engaging in technological process. She has solidly mastered the production essentials, so she can translate our customers’ order information into production technical terms. She is a key link between orders and production.


“Everything is good in its season!”


Sophia is a vivacious member of the shipping department. She packs the products, prints the waybills and hands the packages to the courier. She is familiar with international air transportation policies and international practices. Her mission is to make sure the products reach you fast and in good condition.