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    Lordhair.com Privacy Notice

    We are aware of the fact that how information about you is used and distributed matters to you in many ways. Your trust in us is highly appreciated and we will do so carefully and reasonably. The privacy policy specifies how Lordhair.com collects and processes your personal information through Lordhair website, products and services that refers to this Privacy Notice (together “Lordhair Services”). By using Lordhair Services, you are consenting to the practices stated in this Privacy Notice.


    What personal information about customers does Lordhair collect?

    Your personal information is collected by us in order to facilitate the consistent improvements in our products and services.

    Here are the types of personal information we collect:

      1. Information you give us: We sort and store any information you provide related to Lordhair Services. Click here to see examples of the things we collect. You reserve the right not to provide certain information, but this may results in you not being able to take advantage of some of Lordhair Services.
      2. Automatic information: Certain types of information about your use of Lordhair Services are automatically collected and stored. We use cookies and some identifiers to obtain certain types of information when your browser or device accesses Lordhair Services or content of other websites on Lordhair’s behalf. Click here to see examples of the things we collect.
      3. Information from other sources: It is possible that we access to information about you from other sources. Click here to see other examples of the things we collect.



    For what reasons does Lordhair use your personal information?

    Your personal information is used by Lordhair to provide, develop and improve the products and services that are offered to our customers. The purposes include:


      1. Fulfillment and delivery of your products and services. We use your personal information to handle and fulfill orders, deliver products and services, process payments and get in touch with you about anything related to Lordhair Services.
      2. Upgrade, troubleshoot and improve Lordhair Services. We use your personal information to diversify functionality, analyze performance, fix bugs and improve the overall usability of Lordhair Services.
      3. Allow voice, image and camera services. There are times when we use your voice, images and videos to deal with your requests and improve our services.
      4. Communicate with you. We use your personal information to communicate with you for matters related to Lordhair Services through different channels.
      5. Advertising. We use your personal information to display ads characterizing features, products and services that might interest you. Your personal information will not be disclosed in the ads in any possible way.
      6. Prevention of any possible fraudulent activities. We use your personal information to prevent and detect any fraudulent activities that could put the security of customers at risk.
      7. Recommendations and personalization. We may use your personal information to recommend products and services in which you might be interested, as well as catering to your preferences and personalization concerning Lordhair Services.



    What about cookies and other identifiers?

    We use cookies and other identifiers to allow our systems to recognize your browser or device and to provide as well as improving Lordhair Services.


    Does Lordhair disclose your personal information?

    Our customers’ personal information is of great importance to our business and we will never trade the information with others for anything. Customers’ personal information is only shared in cases described below and with Lordhair subsidiaries that are subject to this Privacy Notice.


      1. Third-party service providers: We employ other companies and individuals to perform functions for us, such as fulfilling orders, delivering packages, analyzing data, providing marketing assistance, search results and links. These third-party service providers can have access to your personal information needed only to  perform their functions, and not for any other purposes.
      2. Protection of Lordhair and others: We release your account and personal information when doing so is necessary to comply with the law, or protect the safety, property and rights of Lordhair, our users or other people.


    Other than as stated above, we will send you notice when your personal information might be shared with third parties, and you have the right to choose not to share the information.

    How secure is my personal information?

    Our systems are designed with the goal of protecting your security and privacy.

      1. We employ encryption protocols and software to protect the security of your personal information.
      2. We practice strict electronic and procedural safeguards when collecting, storing and sharing your personal information. It is possible that we require proof of identity before we disclose your personal information to you.
      3. We follow the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) when processing credit card information.
      4. Protection against unauthorized access to your account information is important. Make sure to sign out after using a shared device.



    How is my personal information related to advertising?


      1. Use of third-party advertising services: We share the information with advertisement companies that allows them to present more relevant and useful ads content. We never share information that directly identifies you such as your name.
      2. Third-party advertisers : We sometimes work with third-party advertisers who collect information about you when you interact with their advertising, services and any other forms of content.


    Examples of information collected:


    We collect your information when you:


      1. Shop or search for products or services on our website;
      2. Provide information in your account;
      3. Use, view, stream or download content through Lordhair Services;
      4. Add or remove items from your cart, or place orders through Lordhair Services;
      5. Upload your contacts;
      6. Communicate with us by phone, email and other ways of contact;
      7. Provide and rate reviews;
      8. Employ product availability alerts;
      9. Complete a questionnaire or a support ticket.



    As a result of these actions, you might provide us with information including:


      1. You name, addresses and phone numbers;
      2. Payment information;
      3. Your IP address;
      4. Your age;
      5. Your email address or email address of people associated to you;
      6. Content of reviews;
      7. Personal description of certain kinds;
      8. Images and videos collected through Lordhair Services;
      9. People, addresses, phone numbers shown in your addresses;
      10. Corporate and financial information.



    Automatic information


    We collect and analyze information including:


      1. Login email address and password;
      2. The location of your device;
      3. The IP address to which your device is connected;
      4. Device metrics such as connectivity data, application usage, any errors or event failures;
      5. Lordhair Services metrics;
      6. Purchase and content use history;
      7. Phone numbers used to contact our customer service team;
      8. Version and time zone settings;
      9. The full URL(Uniform Resource Locator) clickstream to, through, and from our websites including date and time, content you searched for or viewed, page response times, length of visits to certain pages, download errors and page interaction information;
      10. Content interaction information such as content downloads, playback details, network details including streaming and download quality, as well as information about your internet service provider.

    Information from other sources


    We receive information from other sources including:


      1. Updated delivery information from our couriers or other third parties that we need to deliver your orders in the future;
      2. Search results and links;
      3. Account, purchase, redemption and page-view information, as well as information about your interaction with our subsidiaries.


    Information you can access


    You can access information through Lordhair Services including:


      1. Your order status;
      2. Your complete order history;
      3. Shopping list including wish list;
      4. You profile;
      5. Email notification settings including product availability alert, special occasion reminders, delivers and newsletters;
      6. Payment settings including payment card information and promotional offers;
      7. Any type of subscription to Lordhair.