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  • French Lace Men's Hair Piece
  • French Lace Men's Hair Piece
  • French Lace Men's Hair Piece
  • French Lace Men's Hair Piece
  • French Lace Men's Hair Piece
  • French Lace Men's Hair Piece
  • French Lace Men's Hair Piece
  • French Lace Men's Hair Piece
  • French Lace Men's Hair Piece
  • French Lace Men's Hair Piece
  • French Lace Men's Hair Piece
  • French Lace Men's Hair Piece
  • French Lace Men's Hair Piece
  • French Lace Men's Hair Piece

Infinity | French Lace with Super Thin Skin Hair Piece for Men

Product Code: Infinity(LS1 stock)

Undetectable French lace center, durable super thin skin perimeter, easy to use and maintain. Good for first time user. Stock hairpieces, instant delivery.

Regular Price: US$299.00

Special Price US$209.00

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As part of our CSR program, we are offering free, fully-customized wigs to children under the age of 12 who are suffering from hair loss.

As such, we will donate $1 to this cause for every Lordhair hair system that we sell.

For more information, please visit Free Wigs for Kids:



Our LS1 stock men's hairpiece is made with soft French lace in the center and durable super thin skin along the perimeter. The design of the base is easy to maintain and very suitable for first-time wearers of a hair piece.

Capable of holding a medium density, this French lace skin hairpiece for men is also breathable which allows heat and moisture to escape and helps your head remain cooler during hot weather or intense physical activity.

If you are looking for durable and breathable French lace hair piece (thin skin), then LS1 stock hair piece is the perfect choice.

The base sizes of this hair piece for men are available in 6''x8'', 6''x 9'', 7''x9'', 7''x10'' and 8"x10". This hair system can be cut down to your actual size by cut-in and styling with a small additional cost. The cut & ready hair system will only take 3 additional business days! Furthermore, we also ensure immediate shipment so that your amazing hairpiece reaches you in less than a week.

Below are the specifications of LS1 French Lace Skin hairpiece for men (Stock):

Base Design French lace base with super thin skin for durability and easy maintainance
Base Size 6''x8'', 6''x 9'', 7''x9'', 7''x10'' and 8"x10"
Base Material Color Flesh
Front Contour CC
Colors Available #1B
Hair Length 5"
Hair Density Medium 
Hair Type 100% Human hair 
Curl & Wave 30 mm
Hair Direction Freestyle
Bleach Knots No Bleach Knots 
Advantage Soft, light, breathable and durable
Delivery Shipment takes place within 24 hours generally. If you need to cut the base size or pre-cut hair length before shipment, then takes longer time, usually needs additional 3 working days.
Kind Reminder

When you receive the order, if you find there is any problem or you are unhappy with the hair toupee, please do not have the unit cut, styled, colored or washed, but contact us instead. Lordhair customer service will discuss with you and try to exchange a perfect one. Rest assured that we guarantee 30-day return if the hairpiece is not cut, styled, washed, colored  or used.

If you ask us to cut the base size, cut the hair length, or make any alteration to the stock system before shipment, it cannot be returned for a refund.

Please cut the excess lace or skin before you attach the hairpiece to your head.

If this stock hairpiece doesn't meet your needs, you are welcome to customize it by CLICKING HERE.

hair piece for men

Customer Show

French lace and thin skin hair piece  French lace and thin skin hair piece


About Hair Cut

Besides top-quality custom hair replacement systems, stock men’s hairpieces, and ready-to-wear wigs, Lordhair also provide top-notch hair cutting and styling service at small additional cost of $20 USD. The best part is that it only takes 3 additional business days to get it done. You just need to send the pictures of hairstyle you like, or choose one from the pictures below. For best hair transformation results from French lace thin skin hair piece or any other hair system, please provide the hair length you prefer after cutting.

Hairstyle for Hair Systems


Customer Reviews (15)

life changing!Review by Omar
Product Rating
Delivery Rating
this was by far the best decision i ever took!
it changed my life specially as a young guy in his mid twenties...
I dont have to wear snapbacks anymore! adios ;)
(Posted on 11/26/2020)
Highly Recommend!Review by Michael J***
Product Rating
Delivery Rating
Discount Code: GOODHAIRDAY

Wow! Just got this unit installed and styled on Saturday. The hair is SUPER soft and I’m loving the poly border and lace top for best of all worlds - Easy to attach and the top let’s hear escape.

I’ve used the UTS/S22 model before and loved it, but time for something different for the hot summer weather and active lifestyle!
(Posted on 8/24/2020)
LovelyReview by M3b
Product Rating
Delivery Rating
I love this product
(Posted on 4/11/2020)
Easy to maintain Review by Mike
Product Rating
Delivery Rating
Fast delivery
(Posted on 4/11/2020)
Amazing hair piece Review by Moayad
Product Rating
Delivery Rating
I love this hair piece, easy to attach, breathable, soft
(Posted on 4/1/2020)
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