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* Prize draw is only available after the purchase of a hair system is completed. After purchase is complete a pop up window will automatically appear to take part.

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  1. Not application to limited edtion item and accessories
  2. You are only eligible to enter this promotion after your purchase of a Lordhair hair system has been completed.
  3. There is no minimum hair system value to be able to enter.
  4. The coupon code prize is valid on any future purchase. This code is for individual use and on one order. It is valid for one time only and it cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. The coupon value is non-redeemable on any items that are returned.
  5. By entering into this prize draw you accept that Lordhair reserves the right to withdraw any prize at any time at its own discretion for unreasonable customer demands or if purchase is returned.
  6. The Apple watch will be sent out within 60 working days of your hair system purchase. For specific details please refer to Customer Service support@lordhair.com

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Free Wigs for Kids

As a global company, we have always been committed to the betterment of society. Lordhair has been continuously exploring how we can give back to individuals, the community and the environment. Our mission is to make the ideal of ‘a better you’ as inclusive as possible.
  • As unjust and cruel as it may seem, there are many young children across the world who suffer from cancer, alopecia, trichotillomania, burns or other illnesses and conditions that have caused them to lose their hair.
  • Coping with illnesses such as cancer is hard enough without the added distress of hair loss. For children, hair loss can be especially upsetting. It can destroy their confidence and lead to long-term psychological harm.
  • Children only want to be "normal" and fit in with other children. It cannot be easy being singled out for looking different and feeling insecure about the way they look.
  • School life becomes more difficult as these children reach adolescence and start to become more self-conscious of their appearance.
Our wishes

As a global brand we have always been committed to the betterment of society.

For ever hair system that is purchased at Lordhair, we will donate $1 of our own money to make and donate wigs to children in need.

Let us help you

If your child is under 12 years old and suffers from hair loss because of an illness or medical condition, we kindly invite you to fill out the online form below. We are happy to fully customize a wig for your child and ship it to you at our own expense.

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Thank you again for choosing Lordhair and please spread the word! We want to put a smile back on children’s faces!