Free Wigs for Kids

As a global company we have always been committed to the betterment of society. Lordhair has explored many possible ways to give back to individuals, the community, and the environment. Our primary mission is to make the idea of ‘for a better you’ as inclusive as possible.
  • As unjust and cruel as it may seem, there are many young children across the world who are suffering from cancer, alopecia, trichotillomania, burns or other illnesses and conditions that have caused them to lose their hair.
  • Coping with and treating illnesses like cancer can be hard enough for children but a lack of hair can often make them feel inferior to others.There is also the possibility for long-term psychological harm.
  • Children only want to be "normal" and fit in with other children. It cannot be easy being singled out for looking different. Feeling unsecure about the way they look.
  • Especially as these children reach adolescence and start to become more self-conscious of their appearance and how they differ from their peers. School life becomes more difficult.
Our wishes

The idea of doing something good comes naturally to us and is transparent within our company. On the contrary, it has existed for a long time. As a global brand which has always been committed to the betterment of society.

For every hair system that is purchased at Lordhair, we will donate $1 of our own to make wigs and donate to children.

Let us help you

If your child is under 12 and suffers from hair loss due to an illness or medical condition, we invite you to fill out the online form below. We are prepared to fully customize a wig for your child and ship it out to you at our expense.

When you have received your wig, you are welcome to return it if there is any issue. We will gladly make the relevant adjustments.

Thank you again for choosing Lordhair and please feel free to spread the word. If we can bring some comfort and joy to these children and put a smile back on their faces, then we all have achieved something.