Name : Giulio(Photo permission granted)
Country : Italy

Giulio is in the third grade and his favorite subject is math. He was born withmany allergies to various foods, and in recent years was diagnosed with allergies to dusts, grass and mites. In March 2020, bald spots started to appear on his head. After visiting experts, receiving psychotherapy, his condition did not improve. Stefania got in contact with Lordhair through her salon Uomo sas, which helped pick out and size up the correct wig for Giulio. Lordhair constructed the wig especially for his smaller head and provided the wig for free, helping to restore the ray of sunshine that can be seen in his happy, smiling face that can be seen in the picture.

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Name : Ben(Photo permission granted)
Country : United Kindom

Ben is 15 years old and was diagnosed with Alopecia, causing almost all of his hair to fall out. At the tender age of 15, children feel conscious of their appearance in front of peers and want more than anything to not need to worry about hair loss, when what is important is fitting in with friends. Lordhair helped to pick a comfortable base and tailored the hair to the density and wave to XXX’s original hair type.

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Name : Kayla(Photo permission granted)
Country : United States

Kayla is 10 years old, and was diagnosed with Alopecia in 2020, causing hair to fall out. This is devastating for a bubbly, happily girl like Kayla who wants to fit in with friends at school and feel like a girl with long beautiful hair. Kayla’s parents got in touch with Lordhair and our customer service helped Kayla to pick out the base best for her, and carefully designed a smaller base complete with Kayla’s desired hair color and length. The wig has helped Kayla to feel happy and not worry about her medical condition so she can play with her friends carefree, as we at Lordhair can be the case for all children!

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Our wishes
As a global brand we have always been committed to the betterment of society.
For every hair system that is purchased at Lordhair, we will donate $1 to the making and donation of wigs to children in need.
Thank you for choosing Lordhair, please spread the word! We want to put a smile back on children’s faces!
Thank you for choosing Lordhair, please spread the word! We want to put a smile back on children’s faces!
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If your child is under 12 years old and suffers from hair loss because of an illness or medical condition, we kindly invite you to fill out the online form below.

We are happy to fully customize a wig for your child and ship it to you at our own expense.

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