There are so many different models for hair replacements.  If you are confused, Lordhair will guide you through it.

There are hundreds of models available out there, but they can generally be grouped into 4 types:  full skin base, full lace base, lace / mono +PU edge and skin with lace front.  
4 types of base:  
Full skin base:  It feels natural and is easy to handle. It can be used with tape or glue and is easy to clean. It is not breathable;  you can choose to punch small holes on the skin base, but it is not as breathable as lace base. 
Full lace base: It looks very natural, especially with bleached knots and also has good ventilation. Tape or glue may be used(tape is more popular for lace base). Lace based systems are not as easy to clean nor as durable as skin base systems.
Lace /mono with PU edge:  This is a good compromise because a PU edge is suitable for tape and glue while lace or mono is breathable.
Skin with lace front: Skin bases are suitable for tape and glue and the lace front creates a super natural hair line. This gives you the best of both worlds.

 We hope that the information above is helpful.


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