Synthetic Grey Hair & Human Grey Hair


Many customers need grey hair for their hair systems and some  think natural is better that synthetic. However, most of the time we would actually recommend synthetic grey hair. 


Human grey hair is usually from older people whose hair has become grey because of age. The nutrition of human grey hair is not as rich as when it was darker, so it often feels stiff and dry. When a hair system is made with a lot of human grey hair,  it will not feel sleek and soft like a hair system with less or without human grey hair. As a result, the hair system will  not be easy to style. When you dye a hair system with human grey hair, usually the grey hair will be colored, too. As time goes by, the human grey hair also yellow. Of course, this does not mean human grey hair is completely inadvisable - human grey hair can be styled, washed and blow dried, just like your own hair.


Synthetic grey hair is usually made with Kanekalon and looks like real human hair. Even if a hair system is made with lots of synthetic grey hair; the hair system will not feel that stiff. When you dye a hair system with synthetic grey hair, the synthetic grey hair won’t be colored, it will stay grey. The only downside of the synthetic grey hair is that it can’t bear high temperatures. So when you style a hair system with synthetic human hair, do remember to set the styling tools at a low temperature.


We hope this can help you decide what type of grey hair you need when you order a hair system.



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