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    Men’s Hairpieces Before and After: Video Stories from Customers

    We understand that you can read all you can about men’s hairpieces but to come to any decision, what you really want to see is what a hair system looks like on someone’s head and to hear from actual hair system wearers. That is why we have put together this blog that will introduce two of our customers to you.

    In this blog, you will see how some of our customers used to look without hair and how they now look with our hair systems. We will share their stories as well so you will learn about the hair journeys that they have been on to get to the stage where they are finally happy with their look.

    Read on below as we present to you men’s hairpieces before and after photos and videos! 


    Chris’ before-after hair system story

    First up, we have Chris from Cardiff, Wales. Chris has been struggling with hair loss since he turned 20. His confidence was so badly affected that he would take to wearing a baseball cap wherever he went. Obviously, this had ramifications for his social life as dress codes meant he would avoid places such as bars. Initially, Chris used hair fibres to mask his thinning hair and after later ruling out a hair transplant, he came across hair systems.

    A Google search lead him to Lordhair and Chris was attracted to the YouTube of our company. On receiving his first Lordhair hair system, his first impression was that the hair was of really high quality. This was also the opinion of others as he has regularly received compliments from people. The people who knew Chris without hair have said how impressed they are with his transformation.  

    It is not only his confidence that has taken an upturn but Chris has also noticed changes in his lifestyle. He now goes to the gym more and has been able to relax a lot more when on holiday as he can go swimming safe in the knowledge that his hair system is going to stay in place and not fall off. For Chris, his Lordhair men’s hair system has been “pretty lifesaving”.


    Chris is wearing one of our custom-made all French lace hair systems. It has medium density, Indian Remy hair. This is the product that made the before-after transformation possible! With our custom-made hair systems, you are in complete control of every aspect of the hair system i.e. the exact base design or the curl and wave of the hair. 


    Marc’s before-after hair piece story 


    Next, we present Marc from North London, England. Marc is someone who has always taken great pride in his appearance and in particular, his hair. However, by his mid-twenties, Marc started to lose his hair quite rapidly and he was unable to mask his hair loss which caused him problems.


    Marc’s introduction to hair systems was through local salons but over time he came to realise that he could source his own hair systems online. He found that by doing this he could, first of all, save a lot of money, and secondly, he had more control over the type of hair system he wanted. Lordhair’s wide array of hair systems with different designs and hair colours was what initially drew Marc to our company and since then, he has not looked back.


    Marc loves the flexibility that a hair system offers him and regularly mixes up his hairstyles to suit his mood or tie in with his social life. He enjoys the attention his hair gets and the compliments he receives. Marc is now completely at peace when it comes to his hair and appearance and has none of the worries that he used to have. In short, the perfect before-after hairpiece story!


    Marc is wearing one of our most popular stock hair systems: the S7. It has a full French lace base with a medium-light hair density. 

    Chris and Marc are just two of our customers, however. To see more of what our hairpieces have done for people across the world, then, have a look at the hairpieces before and after page on our website. Or watch our customers talking about their hair loss journeys and their Lordhair experiences on our YouTube channel.


    If you are an existing customer, then, we invite you to send us your hairpiece before and after photos and in return we will offer you a $100 coupon code which can be used on future Lordhair purchases. For customers who are also happy to make a review video, we will send you a free hair system of your choice along with the coupon code. Please contact one of our team members at support@lordhair.com for more information about these offers.


    Feel free to also contact us if you have any questions about the hair systems mentioned in this blog or indeed any other hair systems you may have seen on our website. 


    Lordhair. For A Better You.