Lordhair Color Rings [2022 UPDATE]:

Choosing the Correct Hair Color for Your Toupee


It goes without saying that getting the right hair color is one of the key factors in ensuring your hair system remains undetectable.

You may be lucky enough to know just what hair color you need from our color chart but for many, deciding on your color won’t be so easy. That’s why we would always recommend that you consider ordering one of our color rings.


What is a color ring?

A color ring contains a collection of different color samples of hair.


We cannot underestimate the importance of choosing the right hair color and that’s why we created this blog all about choosing the correct toupee hair color. If you are a salon owner or wholesaler then color rings really should be an essential part of your ordering tools to enable you to make the best recommendations for your customers.

In this blog, we will just introduce our color rings and demonstrate why they are one of the ways of guaranteeing the best hair color for you or your clients.


Men’s hair color rings for toupees


First of all, please bear in mind that hair color rings are not universal across hairpiece manufacturers and suppliers. So, the colors we offer at Lordhair may differ slightly from what you might be used to from elsewhere.


The Lordhair men’s color rings have over 100 colors – including gray hair blends – to choose from. These are separated across two color rings: one for stock hair systems and one for custom-made hair systems.


Men’s hair color ring for stock hair systems


Lordhair men’s hair color ring for stock hair systems


These colors represent the majority of the hair color options available to you for a stock hair system from us. You can see that there are various gray hair options that we classify in terms of the percentage of gray hair against the primary color, so, color 1B20 is 80% 1B (off-black) and 20% gray.

To understand more about how we classify these hair colors then please read our page on hair colors or check out our stock hair systems where the color code is displayed alongside the hair color.


Men’s hair color ring for custom-made hair systems


Lordhair men’s hair color ring for custom-made hair systems


This ring contains over 90 hair color samples. It actually contains virtually all the possible hair colors that humans might have. As you can see there are also more gray hair options and 100% gray or white hair is even possible.


Women’s hair color ring



Lordhair women’s hair color ring for hair systems and wigs


Visually speaking, our women’s color ring is very different from our men’s color rings and this is partly a reflection of the reasons women wear wigs. Women’s hair colors usually have red tones and our women’s color ring still displays the black and brown colors of our men’s color rings. However, it offers a greater selection of blonde and bright colors such as blue and orange. Women, these days, wear hair systems and wigs to mix up their look and blonde and bright colors are popular choices to do this.


Why buy a hair color ring from Lordhair?

Our choosing a hair color blog explains this in more detail as ordering a color ring and choosing your hair system hair color that way is just one way to ensure you get your desired color.

Checking out our customer testimonials can give you a good idea (but never solely rely on computer screens to determine color) especially when you consider the way screen resolution and the lighting in a video can alter the appearance of hair color.

Sending us a sample of your hair (or sending in a hair system you bought elsewhere) is another option and we will then make color recommendations based on that.

What we’re saying is, don’t just guess your hair color. We want you to get your hair color right the first time you order.


Can I choose a hair color from any ring?

Yes! Don’t be restricted by your gender. We have just categorized our colors by what is most popular with men and women. If we break it down, then the men’s colors are a reflection of the main human hair colors (most people have dark hair, after all) whereas women often wear wigs, extensions and wefts for fashion purposes and that can be seen by the various bright colors on our women’s ring.

When it comes to a customized order, your hair color options really are endless. We can create pretty much any color for you. So, if you want bright green hair, then talk to us and let us know! Choose your color based on what you want and not on the name of our color rings!


Buy a Lordhair hair color ring

You can find our color rings listed under our ordering tools. They really can be a wise investment especially when you consider that we will refund the cost of them (along with the shipping cost) once you have ordered a hair system from us.

Our team at support@lordhair.com will be more than happy to discuss this aspect of our return policy in more detail as well as help you make the best possible hair color choice for your hair system.


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