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    How to use a Hair Dryer by Yourself - Hair Dryer DIY for All

    Using a hair dryer seems easy as pie to people who already know how-to but for first time users, it can be very tricky. If you don’t know how to use a hair dryer by yourself, there is a HUGE chance that you might damage your hair with the heat.  


    In this hair-care blog, Lordhair shares a DIY hair drying guide that’ll help you dry your hair like a pro and get salon like hair at home. Follow the below steps once you are done shampooing and conditioning!

    Brush your hair


    Brush your hair


    Brushing your hair marginally is very effective. It is essential to untangle your hair before you move on with hair drying. The first step is to be gentle as your hair is still wet. The second step of perfect brushing is to choose a wide-toothed comb so that strain is minimal on your hair.

    The whole purpose of brushing before drying is to detangle your hair. It will make the drying process easy and make your hair smooth by getting rid of the knots which can occur while shampooing.

    Use warmth protectant


    An essential part of any ‘how to use a hair dryer by yourself’ guide is preventing your hair from heat damage. Warmth protectants heat up your hair gently. This saves your hair from sudden heat damage. Using a good quality heat protectant can reduce the chances of heat hair damage by up to 50%.


    A heat protectant can stop 50% of the heat from reaching your hair. The more heat you apply to your hair, the more they will get damaged. So, use the heat leveller wisely. (Heat level settings discussed in the next point)


    Styling your hair


    This is the most integral part of our hair drying DIY guide. Start drying your hair from every side. Carry the hair dryer from the base in a position with the end goal that the shaft of the machine is facing downwards, and the upper part is facing towards your hair.


    Ain’t got time to style hair all the time? Find pre-styled custom hair systems on Lordhair!


    Remember to dry your hair in batches. Start from the front! First dry your base and then go to the tips. If your hair is short (men, we are talking to you), you can use a hair dryer starting from your forehead to the temples. Below is the setting details most hair dryers have in common:


      1. Level1- If you aren’t in hurry
      2. Level2- Just need more warmth
      3. Level3- Need to quickly dry your hair

    styling your hair


    Remember, heat can lead to hair damage! Our ‘how to use a hair dryer by yourself’ guide recommends using moderate heat settings. Styling will take time but you will greatly reduce the chances of damage that heat can cause to your hair.

    This was all about ‘how to use a dryer by yourself’. But wait, we got more! Here are bonus hair drying tips and ideas.


    Tips to dry your hair at home


      1. Pre-treating your hair with a nourishing mask will make your tresses smoother. It will also reduce the drying time by nearly 50%.
      2. Use hair oil before drying to say goodbye to that unwanted frizz. If your hair is frizz-resistant, no need to apply it before drying your hair by yourself.
      3. Looking for extra volume and oomph? A thickening hair spray will do the magic here.
      4. Before using a hair dryer, dry your hair naturally. Let your hair rest for a few minutes before you start blow-drying.
      5. Using a good quality light blow drying serum will help to attain bounce in your hair while maintaining nourishment.
      6. Avoid using a strong hair spray! If you want to have healthy hair, don’t use strong hair products, especially hair sprays.


    In love with hair styling products? Many of them are made from chemicals causing hair loss!


    Following above hair drying tips will add extra grace to your hair once you are done drying them by yourself.


    If you like to make fashion statement every day or are in a profession where style matters the most, spare your hair all the heat & chemicals by opting for alternative hair solutions like hair systems! Modern hair systems are like hyper realistic wigs that can be worn every day and styled any way you want.

    hair dryer diy


    At Lordhair, we bring a huge catalog of quality hair systems and wigs for people looking for smart hair styling alternatives. We ship our hair systems globally and offer 30 days money back guarantee to every client.


    Have any queries about using wigs or hair systems for fashion and styling? Send them at support@lordhair.com  and our hair experts will get in touch with you soon.  



    For a better you!