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    Aaron O'Bryan Shows You How to Take Hair System Measurements

    One of the biggest questions we get asked by men who are ordering for the first time is how to measure your head for a toupee hair system. We teamed up with famous TV salon hair system stylist, Aaron O'Bryan, to show you how to measure your head so you can get the perfect fitting hair system.

    He then shows you how to know where to shave your head before putting on your hair system but cutting up the plastic mold you get with your toupee hair system.



    Don't forget to purchase your hair system from Lordhair.com - quality supplier of toupees and hairpieces for men that can also be customized for any hair loss type!



    Video Transcript and Instructions

    Lordhair.com where you get the best hair systems you're wondering am I wearing a hat am I about to cut a nice beautiful bowl cut no I'm going to show you how to properly measure for your hair system so you can manage this at home.

    Firstly, we're going to want to purchase our system from lordhair.com but what do we need?

    Yes, we need measurements and what do we need when taking measurements?

    Yes, measuring tape. So, a simple way to be able to measure your hair system is to check where you have lost most of your hair and where you want the most significant amount of hair to be placed.

    In my case, I find that I have receding lines here and I want to make sure that it is fully covered at the front. 

    So, I will take my tape and measure from side to side to get the full measurement at the front which in my case is 6 inches so once you have the frontal hairline done you are going to bring it on the sides here as well to make sure that you're covering any bald spots that you want to cover. So, in my case, this is perfectly fine so the width in total is 6 inches. You want to get the front to the back which is the length of the system. You're going to take it from where your pre-existing hairline is or where you might be able to see a few finer hairs. We create more natural oils and a sweatier forehead which will help break down the glue and you'll have a flappy mess sooner than you think. So, we want to make sure that we adhere it at best to the front of the hairline. So, you're going to take that tape right at the front and you're going to bring it to the back. You can get someone to help you to make sure that you're covering any bald spots at the back and how far the system needs to go back down the head so, in my case, I can feel where the re-road was before.

    I can get my placement at the back of the head and in my case, it is about 8 and a half to 9 inches.

    We've done our measurements. We've done our order online. Oh, look what's arrived in the post? My hair system and you also receive a dome. Now, this dome is very, very, very important when it comes to taking measurements and making sure that the system fits snugly on your head. You're going to take your system. You want to place it inside the dome making sure that it is nice and flat inside there you can use something to fill the dome on the inside to make sure that you're getting the correct measurements. You're then going to take a permanent marker and draw around the edges of the hair system onto the dome to make sure that you're getting the perfect size.

    Once that's done, get your little scissors you're going to cut up around the edges and look here's one I made earlier which is going to hit fit perfectly on my head. You're going to place that right at the front hairline where you measured it previously and press down nice and tightly.


    You have to make sure that the dome is fitting snugly on your head from the front all the way to the back.

    You can see that this does actually fit quite well and it covers my temples, not my temples.

    It covers my receding hairline so it's going to be picture perfect when I place my system on.

    I have my trimmers - my lethal weapon that's going to shave my head.

    We're going to turn it on and you're literally going to go around the dome and you're going to create a line before shaving.

    This is basically your guide.

    Now that everything is ready, I've cut in my lines and I've also pressed down so hard that I marked the front of my head but that's perfect because it'll give me even better placement when I put my system on.

    Here we go, let's get shaving.


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    Thank you for watching my videos. Don't forget to subscribe. Click the links below and obviously, don't forget lordhair.com who sponsored these amazing videos. Now that you know how to measure your head you are so sorted.

    Don't forget to check out the rest of my content. Like, do everything, make me feel good but we'll see you all soon. Bye!