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    How to Measure Your Head for Wigs


    The sizes of wigs can vary and the area of people's hair loss will also vary. To wear your wig with style and confidence, you need to make sure it fits just right. To find the right size wig for your head, you first need to know some basic measurements. The more exact your measurements are, the better your wig fits. That’s why it’s important to learn how to measure your head for a wig correctly.


    In this piece, Lordhair  - a leading supplier of male hair unitswill guide you to take the proper measurement of your head to get the perfect wig. This will be simple to do as measuring your head just takes a few minutes and you only need some measuring tape.


    How to Measure Your Head for a Hair Replacement System

    We make stock and customized hairpieces that look completely natural and will leave you feeling confident again. We have a great selection of hair replacement systems for both men and women, whether your hair is curly or straight, brown or gray, long or short. For the best experience, you need to get your measurements just right, follow this guide.


    lordhair superskin-v hair system

    Just one of our many men's stock hair systems: 0.06mm SuperSkin-V


    Before we get started, you will need to establish the area of your hair loss or how much of your head you want your hair system to cover. Then, to get the right measurements of your head, you will simply need to use a tape measure. If your tape has a gold edge, you can detach it so you can get a more accurate measurement of your head for a hair replacement system.

    Follow the below DIY steps to learn how to measure your head for a hair replacement system:


    • The first step to measure your head for a replacement system is to comb down your existing hair neatly so that you can clearly see the hair loss region. 
    • Now, take the tape to the center of your head and measure side to side as you have done for the front. As you measure, ensure you cover the bald spots, and make sure the center is the largest area. This will be your width.
    • To get the length of the system, place your tape on the pre-existing headline and extend it to the back, ensuring you cover any bald spots. If you are not sure of your exact hairline, you can put 4 fingers above your eyebrows and mark the line.


    Please note that at Lordhair we give our measurements as width x length and we list our base sizes in inches so 8" x 10" means 8 inches in width and 10 inches in length. So, when you are selecting our base cutting service and giving your measurements or entering your base size for a custom-made order, do not get the width and length mixed up. 


    Watch hair stylist Aaron's tutorial on taking head measurements


    The wig head measurement method above is not for full cap size wigs. It is for a men’s topper, a men’s toupee or a regular-sized hair system. That is to say, hair systems that are designed to be worn on the top of the head. So, if you are looking for a stock hair system then follow the steps above.


    However, for a full cap wig, pay attention to the step below.

    lordhair full cap wigHow to Measure Your Head for a Full Cap Size Wig

    We create full-cap hair systems that cover your entire head and offer you a head of hair that looks natural. These wigs for bald men are intended for people who have gone completely bald, frequently as a result of a medical condition like alopecia or while receiving chemotherapy. They extend right down to the nape of the neck. As you can imagine, they require a lot more measurements and we only make these wigs to specifications. They are not part of our stock wigs.


    You will need the following measurements:


    • Head circumference
    • Hairline to the nape of the head
    • Temple to temple across the back of the head
    • Ear to ear around the head
    • Ear to ear over the forehead
    • Sideburn to sideburn
    • Nape width



    This entails measuring the circumference of your head by starting at the middle of your forehead, pulling the tape behind one ear until it reaches the nape of your neck, and then continuing to pull the tape around the nape of your neck over the other ear. While measuring your head for a full cap size wig, make sure the tape eventually touches your forehead in the middle, where the measurement starts.


    Hairline to the nape of the head

    Put the tape measure in the middle of your head, where your hairline is. Pull it straight over the top of your head and stretch it until it reaches the nape of your neck. This means running the tape from your hairline to the base of your hairline at the back. This will get you the perfect measurement of your head for a full cap size wig 


    Temple to temple across the back of the head

    Start the tape measure at one temple next to your eyebrows. Pull it straight back and wrap it around the back until it reaches the other temple. As you measure, make sure the tape measure doesn't slip or show any bulges.


    Ear to ear around the head

    This is one of the most straightforward methods of measuring the head for a full cap size wig.

    Position the tape so that it is just above one ear, and then extend it across the head so that it is just above the other ear.


    Ear to ear over the forehead

    This is another straightforward method of measurement. Position the tape so that it is just above one ear, and then extend it across your hairline so that it is just above the other ear. While taking ear-to-ear measurements of your head, make sure the measuring tape is placed in the right position.


    Sideburn to sideburn

    Position the tape at one sideburn depending on the style you have in mind, and then extend the tape across your head so that it touches the other sideburn (or where you would like the sideburn would be). Please note that where your sideburn will begin will ultimately depend on you and your style.


    Nape width 

    This is the last measurement, and this is where the base of your wig will sit. 

    Put the tape measure behind one ear so that it is even with the bottom of your ear lobe. Pull the tape around your nape or hairline until it reaches below the other ear.


    lordhair customer full cap for men

    With all your measurements, we can create a customized full cap men's wig just like we did for Matthew


    Now That You Have Your Head Measurements ...

    The next step here will be to decide on your high-quality wig from Lordhair. Lordhair creates hair systems for men (also known as hairpiece toupees, wigs, hairpieces, and toppers) using the best human hair and makes them exactly how you want them. Our non-surgical hair replacement systems will give you beautiful hair without any pain and at the best prices for hair replacement systems.


    Bottom Line on Head Measurements for Wigs

    Wigs can come in all sizes and the extent of people's hair loss will differ so it's important to measure your head accurately to know which kind of wig you need. You will naturally want every aspect of your wig to be perfect and that includes the size so make sure you know how to find your measurements.

    We hope that the above post helped you in learning about the best ways to measure your head for a wig. If you are experiencing hair loss, we highly recommend buying the best hair systems to get an all-natural look.

    Have any queries for us? Drop them in the comments or email us at support@lordhair.com to get a quick reply from our team of hair experts.



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